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Keep your Pet Healthy The Natural Way

a book by Pat Lazarus

R. GEOFFREY BRODERICK, D.V.M.: "I haven't had a single case of hip dysplasia since I started using vitamin C for prevention five years ago. Before that, I used to do one or two dysplasia operations every week."

WENDELL 0. BELFIELD, D.V.M.: "In the more serious cases [of ruptured discs], my routine approach is to inject the downed dog with sodium as-corbate [vitamin C] for three to five days. Normally this is all the time it takes to bring the animal back to its feet.".

RICHARD J. KEARNS,D.V.M.: "I believe all cases of spinal myelopathy and wobbler's syndrome are caused by poor nutrition .. . sometimes going back to the mother's nutrition during pregnancy."

"We have had (leukemic) cats who have been able to climb trees and look normal in less than ten weeks."---S. Allen Price FVM

""You get cats in with high fevers, 105-108 degrees.  There is nothing you can give them that will bring down that high a fever--except laetrile."---Dr Kearns, DVM. (Dr Kearns uses 50mg of laetrile orally until the leukemia is under control.)

Problems of the Eye

ROBERT GOLDSTEIN, V.M.D., AND MARTY GOLDSTEIN, D.V.M.: "Very often corneal ulcers that are incurable with standard drugs will heal with natural therapy."

RICHARD J. KEARNS, D.V.M.: "Often, in early cases, a $25 bottle of Vitamin B15 drops will dissolve cataracts. Even in very advanced cases, cataracts can be arrested approximately seventy percent of the time, if the owner uses a natural diet along with nutritional therapy."

Problems of the Skin and Hair

J. KEITH BENEDICT,D.V.M.: "I suppose we veterinarians who do a lot of work with skin and hair problems ought to thank the commercial pet food manu-facturers for all the business they create for us?'

MICHAEL W. LEMMON,D.V.M.: "Popular flea collars often contain powerful nerve gases. They can kill some fleas. They can also kill some pets, and can do damage to children and adults handling the pet wearing the poisonous flea collar."

Infectious Diseases

RICHARD J. KEARNS, D.V.M.: "The only time I use an antibiotic is when the client insists on it. With drugs, the animal has less of a chance of being cured than he has with natural therapy. Also, even in those cases where the drug does cure, the poor animal can be suffer-ing for a week or two; whereas with vitamin C and other nutrients, he can be well in three days."

H. H. ROBERTSON, D.V.M.: "Bacteria do not attack a healthy body. Most doctors worry about the bacteria. I do not treat the bacteria; I treat the animal?'

MICHAEL W. LEMMON,D.V.M.: "With. . . upper respiratory tract diseases, I get ninety per-cent cure in early cases. However, if the animal has already been treated with antibiotics and other drugs when I get to see him, my successful results drop to about seventy-five per-cent."

Some Problems of Internal Organs:

NORMAN C. RALSTON, D.V.M., AND RICHARD J. KEARNS, D.V.M.: "Just by adding vitamin E in high enough doses for diabetic pets, you can cut insulin down to only ten to twenty percent of what the animal needed before taking the vitamin. If you add a natural diet and pancreatic enzymes, you can get even better results?'

NINO ALORO, D.V.M.: "Diet seems to be at the base of about ninety percent of the cases of cystitis that I see. . When my clients observe the proper diet after initial treat-ment, there are rarely any of the ‘normal’ relapses. If they put the pet back on commercial food, then the cystitis comes back.”

RICHARD J. KEARNS, D.V.M., AND NORMAN C. RALSTON) D.V.M.: "Bladder stones and kidney stones are completely a nutritional problem. [We] have never seen a recurrence once an animal is put on a natural diet. Never.' Heart Problems and Hypertension:

RICHARD J. KEARNS, D.V.M.: "We can get most of our animals with heart problems off drugs, when people go along with me in using natural foods and natural supplements?'

MICHAEL W. LEMMON, D.V.M.: "I've had cases of heart disease that were absolutely given up on by other veterinarians, be-cause the cardiograms indicated there was no hope. Nutritional therapy improved the animals' health greatly and has given them years more of life."

S. ALLEN PRICE, D.V.M.: "Almost all-if not, indeed, all-cases of hypertension can be traced, I believe, to the commercial foods. "I virtually never have to use digitalis or digitoxin anymore?' Cancer Need Not Be a Death Sentence for Your Pet:

H. H. ROBERTSON, D.V.M.: "What you have to do is bring the body chemistry back to normal. Once you've done that, you can just get rid of the tumors without any problem. I don't cure the cancer; all I do is put the animal's body into shape so it can do the job."

MICHAEL W. LEMMON, D.V.M.: "When my clients cooperate, thirty to forty percent of pets in the 'terminal' stage of cancer can be successfully treated. With early cancer, the success rate rises above ninety percent."

S. ALLEN PRICE, D.V.M.: "I've been dealing with feline leukemia for years; and I get disgusted with most veterans, who
advocate Test and Slaughter-that is, if the cat tests positive, it's best to kill it. We've had cats who have been able to climb trees and look normal in less than ten weeks. And I'm talking about cats who were brought in to us when they were too weak even to stand up."

Special Diets for Special Times in Your Pet's Life:

JOHN E. CRAIGE, V.M.D.; H. H. ROBERTSON, D.V.M.; and RICHARD J. KEARNS, D.V.M.: "Dead mothers and dead babies: We seldom see them anymore if the mother is fed a natural diet with supplements.'

ROBERT GOLDSTEIN, V.M.D., AND MARTY GOLDSTEIN, D.V.M.: "Many people come to us with old, degenerated pets for whom other vets have told them there is 'no hope.' When the owners see how their pets become young again-and recover from the 'hopeless' disorders-they start taking themselves and their families to nutritionally oriented physicians. They realize that 'If nutritional medicine can work wonders for my pet, it can work wonders for us, too." What Your Pet Should Eat for a Long and Healthy Lift and why:

ROBERTSON, D.V.M.: "We just seldom see the so called inevitable diseases in our patients, when we can get the owners to raise the pets on their natural foods.”

RICHARD J. KEARNS, D.V.M.: "Everybody laughs at me; they say I'm a specialist in geriatrics, because all my animals get to be so old. That's simply because I try to have my clients feed their pets right in the first place."

R. GEOFFREY BRODERICK, D.V.M.: "My greatest goal is to be known not for what I've cured and controlled, but for what I've prevented."

NINO ALORO, D.V.M.: "Even the so-called 'sickly' pet can get to live a long, healthy life with the proper diet."

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