Bentonite Clay
Natural Healing

Regarding  Aajonus and Bentonite Clay (such as TerraMin):

"The clay is really phenomenal. Aajonus has shared a lot about the clay at the potlucks. At one potluck he told the story of a man who ate a huge amount of poison ( I cant remember which kind though ) ( I want to say arsenic or something like that ) , and he did it to win a contest for the Guinness Book of world records. And so he did this, ate pounds of poison and should have died several times over, yet he lived and didn't get sick or anything. He kept his secret of how he survived eating this poison until nearing the last years of his life, he decided to share with people that what he had done, was he had eaten a lot of bentonite clay before hand."

Also, another benefit of clay as pointed out in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (by Weston A. Price):

 "In Chapter 15 I presented data regarding the treatment used by several primitive races for preventing and correcting serious disturbances in the digestive tract. This consisted in the use of clay or aluminum silicate which modern science has learned has the important quality of being able to adsorb and thus collect toxic substances and other products. Important new light is now thrown on the probable role of this substance in the primitive diet and its possible application in our modern problems of sensitization reactions or allergies.......He reported his findings before the Association meeting at Richmond, Virginia, in December, 1938. Dr. Code has apparently discovered that histamine is the actual product responsible for the symptoms of the various allergies. Its excess accumulation in the blood is the actual cause of the symptoms whether expressed as asthma, hay fever or skin eruptions such as produced by pollens, various foods, dust and other sensitizing agents. He has shown that the eosinophils, a type of white blood cell, are the source of excess histamine in the blood.. It is accordingly indicated that the primitive treatment by the use of kaolin, aluminum silicate, as an adsorbent was used directly for controlling such symptoms. It is now further indicated that this treatment can be helpful for the prevention of modern allergies. Previous investigations have shown that histamine is produced in the alimentary tract as a putrefaction product of proteins by the action of certain micro-organisms of the colon group....."