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How the Cord Clamp Injures Your Baby's Brain By George M. Morley, M.B., Ch. B., FACOG

[2008] Cerebral palsy link to antibiotics given during premature birth

[2012] Antibiotic used in pregnancy linked to risk of epilepsy and cerebral palsy

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The Illuminati are sitting on technology and knowledge that could bring about almost a virtual paradise, but they are hoarding this technology and knowledge, and suppressing it....After you read this chapter and are aware that the secrets of cranial manipulation could rescue children with cerebral palsy, and some of the children with Down syndrome, you too will cry with this author at the needless suffering that the Illuminati have perpetrated upon mankind in their quest for total domination of this globe.8:  THE SCIENCE OF BODY MANIPULATION & PROGRAMMING Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

For the trial lawyers, it is essential that the “true genesis” of cerebral palsy remains unknown, because that “true genesis” (ACOG Practice Bulletin 138 (B138)  is a standard of medico-legal care; thus, no obstetrical fault exists; the medico-legal professions are at fault. A Refutation of ACOG’s Report on Cerebral Palsy By George Malcolm Morley, MB ChB FACOG