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[They want to vaccinate every child with an unsafe and ineffective vaccine on the chance they will end up on immune destroying drugs for diseases such as asthma that they caused in the first place with other vaccines and drugs, while they turn a blind eye to life saving cures such as Vitamin C (that they were using in the 1930s on Whooping Cough), and the part poisons & nutrition play in suppressing the immune system.]

Considered non-fatal in 1894
Smallpox deaths hidden under 'chickenpox' to make vaccination look better
"Dangers" hyped after  vaccine introduction
Deaths caused by immune depleting pharma drugs like steroids:
Curable with Vitamin C through Nutritional medicine:
Deaths mostly in adults, yet vaccine is to be given to children:
Vaccine for profit, not health of children
Chicken pox vax ineffective - but let's use it anyway
Immunization Advisory Committees controlled by vaccine companies
Adverse effects of vaccine suppressed by CDC
Adverse effects of vaccine

[2014] A Pox On Their Arrogance and Their Dark Motivations by Shawn Siegel  138 chickenpox vaccine-associated deaths have been reported (5); and that, knowing how egregiously broken is the reporting system (6), the real total over the now twenty years of the use of the vaccine could easily be several thousand, which means the vaccine could be killing as many or more kids each year as the disease did. Nor does it mention that shingles is among the top 1% of the reported vaccine reactions. We can’t even take the supposed post-vaccine reduction in the incidence of chickenpox at face value, since it’s a well known propensity of pediatricians, in defense of a healthy component of their bottom line and/or blind obeisance to their educations, to protect the good name of vaccination, and avoid diagnosing any disease for which a child has been vaccinated.

[2011] The Chickenpox Vaccine by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP  Prior to the introduction of the universal varicella vaccination program in the United States, almost 95% of adults experienced natural chickenpox, usually as school age children. These cases were usually benign and resulted in long term immunity because of constant boosting due to repeated exposures to other children and adults with the disease.
    This large reservoir of individuals having long term immunity has been seriously compromised by the mass vaccination of children that provides at best 70 to 90% immunity. The vaccine-acquired immunity is of unknown duration and only causes the shifting of chickenpox to the more vulnerable adults.  To arrive to the bottom line, one needs to now add the adverse effects of the required two doses of chickenpox vaccine and the distinct potential for increased risk of shingles for an estimated 30 to 50 years among adults.
    One must also keep in mind that regardless of the number of boosters, the acquired immunity from vaccination will never equal the strong constantly-boosted natural immunity we all had in the past, before the Universal Varicella Vaccination program was launched.
    Varicella vaccination was a mistake. Mandating it as a universal vaccination program for every child was an even bigger mistake

Considered non-fatal in 1894:
"Dr. Ogle, the chief in the Registrar-General’s Department, told the Royal Commission as a witness before it, that he had never known chicken-pox kill a child in his life."--Dr Hadwen (1896)

"Varicella always runs a favourable course.  It has no sequelae.....PROGNOSIS.—This is always favourable." --Dictionary of Medicine (1894)

As a rule, it is a very insignificant disease. By that I mean that it is not of sufficient importance to worry about.--John Tilden MD (1851-1940)

Smallpox deaths hidden under chickepox to make vaccination look better
"In the thirty years ending in 1934, 3,112 people are stated to have died of "chicken-pox," and only 579 of smallpox in England and Wales. Yet all the authorities are agreed that chicken-pox is a nonfatal disease"—M. Beddow Bayly, Case Against Vaccination, London, June 1936, p. 5.

"Dangers" hyped after  vaccine introduction:
1953   "MILD--Mumps, Chickenpox and rubella...are mild.  In other words there's not much point in trying to avoid them.   They don't do much to young children and they do build up their general immunity and resistance."--T Anderson MD, British Medical Journal booklet (c 1953)

"Something curious has happened to the "official" perception of the childhood diseases which are the subject of the MMR or MR vaccines (Measles, Mumps, Rubella). They have all officially become more serious since vaccines were introduced."---Richard Barr & Kirsten Limb

"According to the survey, among parents of unvaccinated children, 48% were not likely to vaccinate their children because they don't believe that chickenpox is a serious disease. Many parents were not aware that chickenpox can lead to pneumonia, encephalitis, skin infections, scarring or death."--Merck (Vaccine seller)

Deaths caused by immune depleting pharma drugs like steroids:
"Doctors have been told to be careful when using a common painkiller (Nurofen) when treating children with chickenpox - because of a link to a deadly flesh-eating disease."--Media

In 1995, chickenpox suddenly became a major health problem. Six children were reported to have died from chickenpox; frequent and repeated TV coverage lasted for weeks without anyone mentioning that two of the six children had leukemia and the others were on cortico-steroids. HYPING VACCINES: AN INVESTIGATION By Dr. F. Edward Yazbak

"In 1997, 3 deaths reported by two states did not occur from chicken pox, but rather from the unnecessary drugs they used to treat it."--Gary Krasner

"Diseases such as chickenpox or measles can be very serious or even fatal in both children and adults who take this drug (Deltason/Orasone--generic name Prednison, a steroid)."--PDR

"A recent American study showed that 6% of admissions for the complications of varicella were musculoskeletal disorders ranging from necrotising fasciitis to toxic-shock syndrome requiring multiple amputations. Complications were not related to severity of chickenpox. Since the routine mantra from medical people to parents is ‘paracetamol for fevers’ despite medical literature clearly demonstrating that such advice is highly dangerous; since the majority or parents follow such advice unquestioningly; and since necrotising fasciitis has primarily been associated with people who regularly pop paracetamol and other anti-inflammatory drugs, it is hardly surprising."---Hilary Butler

"Father dies after catching chickenpox from his sons....the inquest heard he was susceptible to the illness after being put on a high dose of steroids to treat kidney problems."--(Daily Express Sept 9, 2000)

"On June 30, 1988, my oldest child, Christopher, died of chickenpox. He was normally a healthy child with very mild asthma. He'd never been on corticosteroids, and had never been hospitalized. On June 16th 1988, he suffered his first severe asthma attack and was hospitalized for four days. Christopher was put on commonly used asthma medications including corticosteroids. Exactly one week following the asthma attack he broke out with chickenpox. Unfortunately, the corticosteroids lowered his body's response, (immune system) and he could not fight the chickenpox virus. It destroyed every organ in his body, and on June 30, 1988, Christopher died at the age of 12. The vaccine wasn't licensed then, but it is now. I worked for years to see warnings added to corticosteroid labels, and the vaccine (Varivax) licensed. " Rebecca E. Cole

Chickenpox deaths
Steroid varicella citations

Curable with Vitamin C through Nutritional medicine:
“Chickenpox gave equally good response (to Vitamin C therapy), ... vesicles were crusted after the first 24 hours, and the patient well in three to four days."--Dr Klenner

Deaths mostly in adults, yet vaccine is to be given to children:
"The proponents of mandated chickenpox vaccination of children pronounce that over 100 die of chickenpox each year. They do not emphasize, however, that it is adults who are at higher risk and that they will not be required to be vaccinated!  The numbers above show that in 1997 (the last year available) no children died from chickenpox in New York."--Gary Null

"Father dies after catching chickenpox from his sons....the inquest heard he was susceptible to the illness after being put on a high dose of steroids to treat kidney problems."--(Daily Express Sept 9, 2000)

"Among certified deaths from chickenpox adults accounted for 48% in 1967-77 (88 deaths in 11 years), 64% in 1978-85 (120 deaths in eight years), and 81% in 1986-97 (269 deaths in 12 years)."--Norman Noah, professor of public health.

Vaccine for profit not health of children
 "It was predictable when the live chicken pox vaccine was licensed in 1995 that one dose would not give lifelong protection in the same way that recovery from chicken pox disease gives lifelong immunity. The developers of the live chicken pox vaccine, including Anne Gershon, knew this. It is common knowledge that vaccines only stimulate temporary, partial immunity and the historical experience with live measles vaccine is a perfect example. By trading lifelong immunity for temporary, vaccine-induced immunity, populations become vaccine dependent. Chicken pox is a relatively benign disease for 99.9 percent of healthy children but it is much more serious in teenagers and adults. Mandating the use of chicken pox vaccine and removing the ability for children to get permanent immunity to chicken pox, puts them at risk as adults. The winners in this public health strategy are the pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines requiring purchase of multiple doses. The losers are the people, who are first put at risk as children for vaccine adverse events and then again put at risk as adults for a disease that the vaccine fails to protect against long term."---BLFisher

Chicken pox vax ineffective - but let's use it anyway
e must admire the tenacity and great marketing skills of the pharmaceutical companies. They have learned the lessons of true perseverance! If you find out that your vaccine doesn't work, say it works well, but just for not as long. That way, you open up the lucrative market for boosters. Better yet, if you find out that the vaccine is causing the disease its meant to prevent and/or that people who are vaccinated are still getting sick with this disease, call it 'breakthrough' not vaccine failure (after all, isn't a breakthrough a really good thing?) and talk about how much milder the disease is than it would have been had the people not been vaccinated and you have turned a failure into a success. We can learn a lot from these geniuses of marketing and double-speak.--Meryl Dorey

Immunization Advisory Committees controlled by vaccine companies
"The (Illinois) department followed the recommendation of a panel of experts, its Immunization Advisory Committee, while rejecting the advice of others who thought the decision should be left to parents and pediatricians. But in what critics consider a conflict of interest, 5 of the committee's 18 members have financial ties to Merck, which makes the chickenpox vaccine. Two members of the committee have given talks for Merck, receiving up to $750 per speech. A third member directs a nonprofit group that has received $20,000 in grant money from the company. And two other members own stock in Merck, including one who has owned as much as $16,000 worth."--Media Jan 2002

Adverse effects of vaccine suppressed by CDC
"On March 17, 1995, with little public fanfare, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved another vaccine, and this was subsequently added to the nation’s childhood immunization schedule.  Gradually, one by one, states passed laws mandating that each and every infant be inoculated at age 12 months with the newly approved live virus, to help protect against a common childhood disease.
    From 1995 through late 2002, I served as a Research/Analyst in a program, supported by a grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), designed to study the effects of this newly licensed vaccine in a geographical region of some 300,000 residents. Several years after the program began, positive aspects of vaccination were allowed to be published in scientific journals; however, I noticed that data I had collected suggesting that adverse effects might well be associated with the vaccination program were being handled quite differently. A preliminary trend suggested that the vaccination itself might have the potential to spawn a widespread epidemic among adults of a disease far more serious than the one being inoculated against.  When CDC-affiliated health authorities learned this, they began to take action, including legal steps, to prevent my making these findings known to the scientific community and the public.
    But whenever research data and information concerning potential adverse effects associated with a vaccine used in human populations are suppressed and/or misrepresented by health authorities, not only is this most disturbing, it goes against all accepted scientific norms and dangerously compromises scientists’ professional ethics.  And so, to expose and warn against what I believe to be just such abuses of ethics and public trust, I have written the book you are about to read."----- Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D.  Computer Scientist/Research Analyst

"     Goldman also reports that shortly after communicating on authorship issues with health officials associated with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concerning the shingles data and analysis, he was threatened with legal action if he published the manuscript in the medical literature. He said, "Whenever research data and information concerning potential adverse effects associated with a vaccine used in a human population are suppressed and/or misrepresented by health authorities, not only is this most disturbing, it goes against all accepted scientific norms and dangerously compromises professional ethics."" ATA REVEALS THREAT OF SHINGLES EPIDEMIC FROM VACCINE USE Health Officials Threaten Legal Action Against Researcher 

Chickenpox Vaccine Cuts Deaths but Raises Questions on Shingles
BL Fisher Note: Now a shingles vaccine that will no doubt be mandated to deal with the consequences of mandated use of a vaccine to prevent chicken pox, a disease which 99.99 percent of children recover from without serious complications, injury or death.

Adverse effects of vaccine
Package insert: The following additional adverse reactions have been reported since the vaccine has been marketed: Anaphylaxis in individuals with or without an allergic history, Thrombocytopenia., encephalitis; cerebrovascular accident; transverse myelitis; Guillain-Barré syndrome; Bell’s palsy; ataxia; non-febrile seizures; dizziness; paresthesia, Pharyngitis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome; erythema multiforme; Henoch-Schänlein purpura; secondary bacterial infections of skin and soft tissue, including impetigo and cellulitis; herpes zoster.  VARIVAX PACKAGE INSERT ADVERSE REACTIONS

Post-Marketing Experience of VARIVAX (2009): Anaphylaxis (including anaphylactic shock) and related phenomena such as angioneurotic edema; facial edema, and peripheral edema; Necrotizing retinitis (in immunocompromised individuals); Aplastic anemia; thrombocytopenia (including idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)); Varicella (vaccine strain); Encephalitis; cerebrovascular accident; transverse myelitis; Guillain-Barré syndrome; Bell's palsy; ataxia; non-febrile seizures; aseptic meningitis; dizziness; paresthesia; Pharyngitis; pneumonia/pneumonitis; Stevens-Johnson syndrome; erythema multiforme; Henoch-Schönlein purpura; secondary bacterial infections of skin and soft tissue, including impetigo and cellulitis; herpes zoster.


"We have been getting reports from parents that their children are suffering high fevers, chicken pox lesions, shingles (herpes zoster), brain damage and dying after chicken pox vaccination, especially when the vaccine is given at the same time with MMR and other vaccines. This FDA report confirms our concern that the chicken pox vaccine may be more reactive than anticipated in individuals with both known and unknown biological high risk factors," Barbara Loe Fisher, president of NVIC.

Three years ago I suffered a severe reaction to the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine. I has hospitalized for months with encephalomyloneurits, (parallysis), and have been left permanently disabled as a result. Anyone out there heard of other neuological problems following this vaccine. Vaccine reactions

I had the vaccine back in May and have been very ill with neurological problems and other problems since then. I was in perfect health up until then. I will never get a live vaccine again. I have mentioned it to my doctors however, they give me a blank stare and won't commit to any knowledge of the varicella causing problems. I am going to look up the web site the other person mentions! Can you give more details as the the problem the vaccine has caused you??? Thank you. Vaccine reactions

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[Media May 2002] Death risk from chickenpox jab