Postvaccinal Encephalitis, Encephalomyopathy

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[vid 2017 May] It's called an encephalitic cry

[1981] British National Childhood Encephalopathy Study

Vaccines (Pertussis) used to induce disease (neuropathy) in animals

[2011] Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis? by Harold Buttram, MD, FAACP and Christina England

"Encephalopathy was redefined so that the diagnosis requires as a sine qua non in excess of 24 hours of a diminished level of consciousness, a criterion which is far more restrictive than that of the leading epidemiological study of pertussis vaccine injury, the British National Childhood Encephalopathy Study (NCES). Moreover, seizures have been removed from the Table, although that the pertussis vaccine can cause seizures is uncontested (and warned in the manufacturer’s package insert)."--Marcel Kingsbourne

[2015 Sept] 5 Year Old New Jersey Girl Died from the MMR Vaccine, Holly’s Law Created

[2015 Feb] Feds award family $7.4 million over disabling vaccines  On June 22, 2011, Carolyn Schutte went to the Clay County Public Health Center in Liberty for a round of shots. She was preparing for a trip to Africa and received vaccinations for various diseases, including tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, and typhoid. Two days later, she was debilitated with permanent brain damage caused by encephalopathy. "The active lifestyle that we had before is over," said Jim Schutte, Carolyn Schutte's husband and now her guardian. "It's gone. We just have to make due with what's left."  The couple were once avid travelers.

[2010] Big Pharma Admits that Vaccines Cause Autism (Autism symptoms are identical to encephalomyopathy, listed on vaccine package inserts)

[2013 Feb] Strange brain illness strikes US women; vaccination as a possible trigger (Video)

[2011 July] $61 Million Dollar Settlement for a Child Injured by a Vaccine  hours after the baby received a routine diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccination, she started to have seizures, abnormal breathing, irregular heartbeats, and at 6:05am the next morning, her heart stopped completely. It took 6 minutes of CPR to revive her. She has spent that last 6 years of her life suffering from cognitive delays, cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, and seizure disorder. The family's attorneys say the $61 million dollar award will pay for the child's around the clock medical care for the rest of her life.

[2010 Feb] The Lancet Retraction Changes Nothing by David Kirby there are now at least six published legal or scientific cases of children regressing into ASD following vaccination - and many more will be revealed in due time......Another fact that gets little attention in this never-ending debate is that more than 1,300 cases of vaccine injuries have been paid out in vaccine court, in which the court ruled that childhood immunizations caused encephalopathy (brain disease), encephalitis (brain swelling) and/or seizure disorders. Encephalopathy/encephalitis is found in most if not all ASD cases, and seizure disorders in about a third of them.

Table of case-fatality rate of post-vaccinial encephalitis

[2009] Mum’s worries over girl’s smear jab The Thomas Telford School pupil fell ill with encephalitis, a rare brain virus, and NMDA, where her antibodies started attacking her brain.....“I think it was the cervical smear injection. She had that a week before. It’s proving it.”

[2009 Oct] Valley Mom Blames Vaccines For Illness  Phoenix resident Melissa Ellingson said tetanus and flu shots she received this summer nearly cost her her life. “I couldn't talk. I couldn't walk. I couldn't feel my whole body. It was like I had an epidural of something,” Ellingson said. She developed encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, about a month after the two vaccines.

[March 2007] Early fears about MMR in secret papers

Anna [MMR--paralysis, post vaccination encephalopathy]

Encephalitis: An acute inflammatory disease of the brain due to direct viral invasion or to hypersensitivity initiated by a virus or other foreign protein......Secondary encephalitis, usually a complication of viral infection, is considered to have an immunologic mechanism. Examples are encephalitides secondary to measles, chickenpox, rubella, smallpox vaccination, vaccinia, and many other less well defined viral infections. (Merck manual)

Vaccine-associated neurotropic disease,  (previously described as post-vaccinal encephalitis)

Many of the mothers noticed that their children had a high-pitched cry soon after their vaccination or vaccinations. This is called the encephalitic cry, meaning that it is caused by an inflamed, swollen brain. It also explains the difficulty many mothers have in waking their children, the vomiting, passing out and irritability following vaccinations. These are all signs of an inflamed brain. The reason that pediatricians are telling these mothers that their children's reactions to these vaccines are normal is based on at least two factors. One, most pediatricians, in my experience, know absolutely nothing about a child's brain. When I was practicing, if anything happened to a pediatrician's patient that in any way indicated something was wrong with the child's brain, the doctor was on the phone with me in an instant. Most admitted they knew nothing about the brain. The second reason is that they are trying to avoid a lawsuit. If they can convince the mother that everything is well, they may avoid a trip to the courtroom. Most physicians are gunshy about lawsuits. It can also hurt their reputation. Vaccine Safety Manual  by Neil Z. Miller. Preface

[March 2008] [SO THERE ARE MORE HANNAH POLINGS WE JUST DON'T KNOW ABOUT? GOTCHA, JUDGE.--Dan Olmsted We were also compensated by the Federal Government in 2002.  Our child suffered the same diagnosis after her routine immunizations.  Encephalopathy with autistic like symptoms.  I am not sure why people think this is the first case?  Maybe they are just the first to go so public.  I wonder how many other families have been compensated for the exact same symptoms?  When we settled with the government I did not get the impression that we were that unique; quite the opposite as I spoke to the Special Master (the judge for the compensation program).  - Misty Hiatt

Somewhat 35 years ago, when I worked in Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, a leading Russian center for vaccines development and immunology research, a tragedy happened: our measles vaccine caused an epidemics of encephalitis among vaccinated. Our senior immunologist and virologist, prof. Svet-Moldavsky, was sent to investigate. It turned out that at producing facility they slightly modified protocol, using overgrown rats instead of very young, as was required. Live virus vaccines are made nowadays essentially as in days of Pasteur, by multiple passage on animals brains. So these vaccines can induce antibody production not only to virus antigenes, but to components of brain tissue as well. While antigene composition of human and animals tissues is different, some overlapping exists, so autoimmune response against brain tissue of vaccinated children is possible. This happened in this case. The story never leaked into press, of course, due to Soviet era secrecy, but everybody in Institute knew it.
     Measles lethality drastically plummeted in last few decades, from several procents to one case in thousand infected. Most of it was due to concurrent bacterial infection pneumonia, which now effectively treated by antibiotics; these 1/1000 deaths are also caused not by virus itself, but autoimmune reaction on this virus targeting brain tissue. But there are sound reasons to fear that attenuated vaccine virus can induce analogic reactions. Many parents reported onset of autism symptoms immediately (several hours after) vaccination. Too early for viremia, but timing is exact for autoimmune reaction. The Wakefield witch-hunt--Melanie Phillips

"Today, there are about 150 vaccines being worked on, and within the next decade, we could have a flu vaccine for the left nostril and one for one right nostril. Mankind will be used as a pin cushion. For every vaccination, minimal encephalopathy destroys brain cells. As a result, in Germany, there are 1.2 million children who have contracted hyperkinetic syndrome who are then treated with Psychopharmeca (a drug similar to Ritalin) used to calm them down... We have hundreds of thousands of so-called minimal cerebral dysfunction cases and millions of neurodermatitis patients. In Germany, there are millions of people with allergies. We don’t just produce minimal encephalopathies in the brain, but we also produce modifications of the genetic code."--Dr Buchwald MD[Media Sept 2002] Bosnia halts using Unicef-donated DTP vaccines after baby contracts encephalitis

"What could be the cause of so much encephalitis in the US population? The only possible cause is the childhood vaccination program. The pertussis and measles vaccines are particularly dangerous, but all the vaccines have made a certain contribution."--Harris Coulter

"The United States Public Health Bureau is extremely reticent about reporting diseases caused by vaccination but the report from 1922 to 1931 admitted that there had been 85 cases of post-vaccinal encephalitis, which DeKruif states "is the twin of infantile paralysis.""--Eleanor McBean

"He fell sick with a post-vaccination encephalitis, and ever since, I have a completely destroyed human being at home."--Dr G Buchwald MD

"His mother took him for a DT booster, which changed his life. He got encephalitis from the vaccine. Extensive hospital work proved that there was no other possible cause, and in the work-up for ACC, Professor David Holdaway, New Zealand's strongest proponent for vaccination, wrote the report for ACC which stated that there was no doubt that this was a case of vaccine damage."--Hilary Butler

Disintegrative psychosis is recognised as a sequel to measels encephalitis.Viral encephalitis can give rise to autistic disorders, particularly when it occurs early in life. *Wing L, The autistic Spectrum London Constable, 1996 pg 68-71

Infantile encephalitis - inflammation of the brain in children following infections,injury,etc.,and causing the cerebral palsies of children.    ENCYCLOPEDIA  AND DICTIONARY OF MEDICINE AND NURSING;  MILLER AND KEANE.

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Vaccine Injury Table


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Extract: For more than 25 years, it has been known that pertussis vaccine is a reliable adjuvant for the production of experimental allergic encephalitis.7499"8 This experimental allergic encephalomyelitis is mediated by sensitized lymphocytes rather than serum antibody mechanisms.52 Pertussis vaccine has also been used as an adjuvant in the following experimental autoimmune diseases: thyroiditis, myocarditis, glomerulonephritis, uveoretinitis, and hemolytic anemia.49"9 Except for the adjuvant effect upon antibody responses to specific vaccines, there is no evidence that any of the experimental adjuvant activities of pertussis vaccine, and specifically LPF, occur in vaccinated children.

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National childhood encephalopathy study in 1976-9