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[Vaccination would have died out in the 19th century if Coroners didn't cover up vaccine deaths, e.g. bare minimum of 25,000 in 1880.]

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VACCINATION BE RIGUEUR. Dr. Whitefoord writes:—" I was called to see an infant on September 18, aged twelve weeks, the son of Mrs. Darling, of 222, Euston-road, who had been vaccinated six days previously. The mother stated that she received two threatening notices to enforce the vaccination of her child, and, although delicate, the operation was performed. Subsequently the child refused food, wasted, and died on the seventeenth day. The vaccinated arm, well hacked in four places, wasted more than the other arm.
    At the time of vaccination the mother was informed that the lymph from which her infant was vaccinated was only four times removed from the calf. This assurance, however, ill-compensated the mother for the loss of her child."  Dr. Whitefoord refused to certify the cause of the child's death without an inquest, holding that the death was due to acute meningitis caused by vaccination, performed at the Government Vaccine Station, Tottenham Court-road. The coroner, however, refused to hold an inquest, and the child was buried under what is called a " coroner's order" — a convenient way of shielding vaccination from reproach ! Dr. Lankester resorted to the same tactics in the case of Moyes's child, also killed by vaccination at Kensal Green in 1872. [1883-1884 Book] Vaccination Inquirer Volume 5 April 1883 to March 1884 p.149

VACCINATION DE RIGUEUR. 117, Albany-street, Regent's Park, October 22,1883.
    Sir,—Respecting the death of Mrs. Darling's infant, vaccinated on Sept. 12, and dying on Sept. 19, you say, " Dr. Whitefoord refused to certify the cause of the child's death without an inquest."  Kindly allow me to state that in my communication to the Coroner for Central Middlesex, I only said that I was "unable to certify." It was therefore a matter of surprise to receive a letter from the Coroner's clerk, suggesting that I should certify to death "as from Diarrhoea." I did not take the liberty of suggesting to the Coroner that I considered it his duty to hold an inquest; and I cannot see that it was any part of the Coroner's duty to suggest that I should give a fanciful return to the Registrar. There was no doubt whatever in my mind that the infant Darling died of Acute Meningitis set up by vaccination.
    From my experience in Central Middlesex I do not think the abuses of vaccination will be submitted to the light of truth in the Coroner's Court. The modus operandi in vaccination inquiries seems to be the selection of some medical witness who, after making a post-mortem examination, will unblushingly ascribe death to starvation, sunstroke, or any cause foreign to the case. Better far, I think, to bury under a Coroner's order, leaving the facts untouched.—Yours truly, C. E. WHITEFOORD. [1883-1884 Book] Vaccination Inquirer Volume 5 April 1883 to March 1884 p.209

Mr. Charles Fox, a medical man residing at Cardiff has published fifty-six cases of illness following vaccination, of which seventeen resulted in death. In only two of these, where he himself gave the certificate, was vaccination mentioned."-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

The coroner said it would be two weeks before a cause of death could be determined. The coroner and police treated me like I had committed a crime, taking pictures of her old bottles and formula. They questioned me over and over. It was not the kind of situation a mother should be in when her child has just died.
   About two months later, we received a telephone call from a Dr. Thomas Gill, of the Marion County Coroner's Office. He told us the cause of death was the Hepatitis B virus - which she could only have gotten form the vaccine. He told me that he would get the death certificate out to me very soon.
    Sixteen weeks later, we received the death certificate in the mail and the cause of death was "natural causes" otherwise known as "SIDS" (Sudden Infant Death Sudden). I was shocked to say the least. I called the Coroner's Office and spoke to Dr. Manders, the Coroner of Marion County and was told that Dr. Gill had been asked to resign.
    Dr. Manders stated that he had signed the death certificate. I asked how he could sign the death certificate if he did not perform the autopsy. He told me that he had done so since Dr. Gill was no longer there. We have not been able to determine how he came to the cause of death since he did not perform the autopsy and that Dr. Gill told us something very very different. He told me that if I had questions, to call a Dr. Pless, a pathologist at Indiana University. I did call and made an appointment to speak to Dr. Pless. He was a man with out compassion. The most cold-hearted I have ever met. He told me to stop trying to place the blame of my child's death on someone and go on with my life. He also stated that if the vaccine did kill my daughter that it was saving more live than it was taking. Testimony Of Tonya and Gerald Nelson