Diphtheria vaccine deaths 1919-1948
Vaccine deaths  Diphtheria vaccines

Vaccine Incident Number affected Number of deaths
TAM Dallas, Texas, 1919             120 or more 10
TAM Belgium 1922 1   1
TAM Concord & Bridgewater, Mass, 1924 43   0
TAM Baden 1924 17   7
Anatoxin Tashkent 1926 14 12
Anatoxin Medellin, Colombia 1930 48 16
Anatoxin Italy 1933 Several hundred over 30
APT Kyoto, Japan 1948 606 68

Source: p20 The Hazards of Immunisation by Sir Graham Wilson

TAM: Toxin-antitoxin mixture
Toxoid/anatoxin:  Toxoid is toxin treated by heat and formalin to render it less dangerous. It is known as Anatoxine (Ramon) on the Continent.
APT: Alum-precipitated toxoid

Toxin/exotoxin:  Poison produced by bacteria

A series of disasters 1919-1938 by Beddow Bayly

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