DPT deaths (media)
DPT vaccine

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Fresno Bee DPT report 1984

[2009 Dec] 8 year old Dutch boy died 3 days after receiving a MMR/DTP vaccine

[Media Oct 2002, DPt/Hepb/polio] Vaccines get recall after death of girl

[Media USA, July 2001 DPT--brain damage, death] Family Blames Vaccine For Son's Death (Devan Womack)
[Media UK, May 2000, DPT--severe brain damage, fits, death] Secret trials that crippled 55 babies (Jackie SKATES)

[Media UK,  May 2000 DPT--deaths, severe brain damage] Babies died in (DPT) vaccine tests (1948-56) (Michael Heads)

[Media UK, Dec 99 DPT--death] Tragedy of vaccine girl (Chelsea Stephenson)
[Media AUS, DPT--shaken baby syndrome, 1998] JUDGE NOT SURE HOW BABY DIED
[Media USA, 1998, Measles vaccine--brain damage, DPT--death] Brent MCFARLAND, SWEET
[Media USA, DPT--death] The State of Nevada and Vaccine Roulette (Nathan Silvermintz)
[Media USA, 1996, DPT--death, Polio vaccine--polio] Money Magazine article (Nathan Silvermintz,   Lenita Schafer )

[Media UK, July 93 DPT--death & illness] Nagoya court awards vaccine victims Y2 billion (1993)