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["Distilled Water" (singular) is just plain distilled water. "Distilled Waters" (plural) is DW, and/or urine, and/or fresh raw juices.]

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Andrew Norton Webber

[2004] Statin-fortified drinking water?

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Article about Andrew Norton Webber Distilled Water research

[facebook] Andrew Norton Webber ---> 70 year old woman who had been required by law to wear driving glasses for 45 years, started drinking a gallon a day of distilled water. 3 months later her drivers license came up for renewal and she had to go the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to take a standard eye exam to be granted the renewal. When she took the test the State agent administering the test looked up at her with a puzzled look on his and said, "You've got 20/20 vision!"
    He then proceeded to UNCHECK the box on her license that said she was required to wear glasses while driving.
    She no longer wears glasses while driving.
    She continues to drink the water.

THE CHOICE IS CLEAR by Dr. Allen E. Banik In all my years of experience as a practicing optometrist-all my glaucoma patients drank water with extreme hardness......Bantu African tribesmen are known to have the cleanest arteries, as well as the most elastic ones. They dig no wells, but catch rain water.....Mr. Brinkman became interested in distilled water especially since he was concerned about his diabetic condition. Imagine his surprise when he checked out sugar free. It likewise surprised his doctor......Dr. Landone cured his heart condition. Captain Diamond cured his arthritis and lived to the splendid age of 120 years.

The Importance Of Distilled Water On Aging By Chester Handley




[2013 Jan] Distilled water and urine therapy testimonial

"Distilled Water is a pure water. A lot of people have been mislead into believing that it robs minerals out of the body. Well, in my life I've been drinking Distilled Water for 35 years. University of California Los Angeles, several years ago, told me I had the bone density of a 22 year old athlete. So, if in fact Distilled Water robbed the body of minerals, I would probably be crippled by now, because if I haven't consumed hundreds of thousands of gallons of Distilled Water, my name is not Doctor Clement."
---Dr. Brian Clement, from the video, "Why Choose Distilled Water?"

Woman Follows Doctors Orders, 12 Years Later and Still No Early Death, but Vows to Keep Trying
"12 years ago at the age of 77, my mom was told by a chelation doctor to drink nothing but distilled water, due to various heavy metals in her hair analysis. She bought a Sear's distiller, and has drunk nothing but distilled water ever since. She's 89 now, lives alone, pretty much self sufficient, and none of the bad stuff has kicked in yet."
--- distilled waters internet chat room, Earth 2008

    "You should drink at least one gallon of purified water a day. Most of us drink only at mealtime and when we're noticeably thirsty. Wrong. You can develop a habit of NOT drinking water and walk around being 66 or 67 percent water, instead of 74 percent, which is what your body needs.
    When you don't have the water in you, you won't ever have the energy you need. The very first thing I do to get people's energy up is to increase the amount of water in their diet. Immediately, their energy goes up.
    When someone has dementia, the first thing I do is give them lots of cold water all day, every day. About three weeks later, I start to see their dementia dissipate because they have rehydrated their brains. Unfortunately, your brain actually shrinks as you dehydrate. By drinking lots of pure water, you get better neuron activity and better cellular chemistry, and you're able to detoxify the cells with water.
    Water has to be pure, free from fluoride, chlorine, and chemicals, which is why I recommend distilled water. To achieve optimum health, I recommend that you drink a half gallon to one full gallon per day."
    --- "Gary Null's Ultimate Anti-Aging Program" by Gary Null, Ph.D., Kensington Publishing Corp., 1999
    Based on the PBS Documentary, "How to Live Forever"

"I often use my water distiller - absolutely pure distilled water is the best thing you can drink. I also employ juicing - all the roots as well - and use the blender. In the blender I cut up oranges and grapefruits into small pieces, add water, and blend until liquid. The white parts of these fruits contain valuable bioflavonoids.
    I also pick a lot of herbs and seeds in the fields and woods, including the hops of wild roses (for juicing), milk thistle for a liver tincture, St Johns Wort to support calm nerves and to support sound sleep, burdock (the whole plant) for a skin lotion, and plantain (a flat-leafed grass) off my lawns.
    I also eat red clover taken from my lawns (I have about three acres of lawns) from spring to autumn for health (10 to 30 blossoms at a time). I eat anything in the wild that is edible including blackberries, raspberries, wild cherries, and wild apples."
    ---Kellie Everts, from "Campaign for Women's Bodybuilding: Interview with the True Champion of Women's Bodybuilding"


"Andrew after about 2 months on urine and drinking about a gallon of distilled water after first hearing you on Vinnie Eastwoods interview. I have lost 45 pounds, clear thinking for the first time in 10 years and energy increase that is incredible. When people ask me what I have been doing I just say " I drink my own piss" then I just wait.... and every single person has said tell me more... this is only because it is so f ing obvious how my appearance has improved.

From the bottom of my families and my HEART, thank you.

Lots of love from canada"

Follow up...

"Actually it is about almost 3 months now, I want to be accurate.

I have not changed my basic diet but I only eat fruit in the morning to about 2pm and then after that no rules. My blood pressure used to be always 140 to 150 over 90+. Within literaly 5 days after staring the changes back in october 2013 I went into walmart with my wife took my blood pressure and it was 119 over 78!!! AFTER 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and has hovered in that vicinity ever since! My wife was couldn't believe her earballs!

It is changes like this that gave me confidence to continue. It is actually far cheaper to be healthy. I buy my distilled water from a supermarket and it is interesting that the spring water shelf is always literally full and distilled water shelf is always almost empty. So it aint sittin on the shelf for long... I'm not sure if people are drinking it or using it for something else but your message or someone else's message is making its mark.


Anyone doubting this use my example of blood pressure if you have high blood pressure and JUST TRY IT. "Test all things"


http://www.viafosa.com/home-water-distiller-table-top.html I have been distilling my water for about 3-4 months now, my kidney stones and infection are long gone, and my overall health has improved. I thought I would post a pic of the gunk I distilled out of my water in just 3 weeks. If only FB had a "sniff" facility! believe me, this stuff is putrid! Mixed in with 3 weeks drinking water you would not taste or smell this stuff. My distiller is a Viafosa, I just checked their site to post a link, and at the min they have an offer on, its reduced to £125, it does not say if postage is extra. Sandra Barr


1/27/13 Day 459 Distilled Liquids Therapy

As I was taking a bath my neck started to itch really badly so I started scratching and then starting peeling with my nails skin or gunk from my neck and then I remembered the basal cell carcinoma that was removed years ago. I felt the area because of the itch and it felt like the spot where they removed the basal cell was being cleaning out and coming out of my skin in the area of the cut. This is the reason for the itching. It almost felt like it was a little more hollow than normal like it was going to be growing new skin inside. Very interesting feeling!! I then proceeded to lose another layer of skin in other areas on my body.

The way that I can move my body now compared to even 6 months ago is amazing. Sometimes I feel like I stretch my muscles and ligaments (in trying to release gunk and open up especially if I'm in a warm tub) sooo much that I'm afraid something will pop inside----- but that has not happened so far and I know the stretching is helping the gunk release and break apart.

1/27/13 Day 459 Distilled Liquids Therapy
    I have been doing 100 full jumping jacks on my needak tramp and if you could see me now doing this ....versus 15 months ago and the way that I am able to sustain my breathing... it's a true testament to the healing powers that distilled liquids have on the lungs and the heart. I feel like I can run forever and I feel like I can jump forever.
    I believe that my 1 full year of Distilled Liquids Therapy has brought my body back a full 10, 15 and sometimes I think 20 years ago in the strength I feel inside and out… maybe even more years but that seems preposterous. Just 1 year reverses say 10 years which to me does not even seem realistic... but it is!!!
    I was talking to a friend in Scotland today and he mimics my thoughts that Distilled Liquids Therapy gives one confidence… overall confidence in self, in the world just steadfast confidence. Thank you for that Liam!!
    I have never been able to find this confidence with other healing modalities tried over the years. We talked a lot about cooked foods too which if we just change the word cooked to dead .... you can understand most of our conversation that took place. :) Changingmydna

Teaspoons showing chalk from 1 gallon of distilled water, smaller amount spoon had been through Britta type filter before distilling.

London tap water  Masaru Emoto

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Microwaved water after being infused with "Love & Gratitude"