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"i love H2YO!!!!! i can remember hearing Madonna talk on The David Letterman Show about the healing effects of urinating on her athlete's foot in the shower. i use to suffer from nasty athlete's foot in high school and since i have not had a single problem. this was in the 90's. it wasn't until earlier this year that i was told by a friend about oil pulling. i figured- maybe pee would work in my mouth like it's worked on my feet. i decided to try it. the results were very refreshing. this caused me to make a facebook post- "save money. gargle with urine. # practical revolution" with this i received a comment for a link to an interview between Santos Bonacci and Andrew Norton Webber from a friend. at first i thought the link was too long and was in the dark concerning the material at hand. but then i considered that it was a link sent by one of my sister's life-long friends and someone i really like. i listened to it. missing link level information that immediately and joyfully resonated with me. that day i trashed my 900 dollar alkaline machine and bought a gallon of distilled water. the same evening i drank a glass of my urine and immediately i physically recalled the effects of raw foods. 6 weeks in at a gallon a day between water and urine i passed kidney stones painlessly. 3 months in at a gallon a day all of my genital warts disappeared. i feel like i have been given my life bavk just from the hpv clearing up alone. thank you Friend and thank you Andrew Norton Webber. 4.5 months in and i am on day 2 of a 40 day pure waters fast and am very excited to go deeper and wider into this river of life. H2YO!!!!!!"


"I started my health-focused journey about 4 years ago and I have been very passionate about it ever since, I am on a low fat raw vegan diet and I am doing the best as I can to live as healthy as possible (physically and emotionally), but I have not been aware of importance of deskilled water by now. Of course I was consuming lots of it by eating mostly fruit and veggies, but it was still far away from a gallon per day. Aditionally I used to drink filtered spring water which I believed was beneficial for my body. I was wrong but I just did not know it. When I learned about destilled water I started drinking only destilled water from different sources, mostly urine and fruit & veggies and I am feeling GREAT! I also apply it on my face twice a day and I've noticed a HUGE difference in my skin texture, I has improved so much in the past 3 weeks and that's what I wished the most, because I have had skin issues since my adolescence and I am 31 now."

---Earthling from Slovenia, Europe


"I like to refrain from posting incredible testimonials that seem unbelievable. But for the past few months before I discovered distilled water I have been growing spiritually and have been trying to see/feel energy and auras...with little success. Well, 3 days into drinking DW.....last night I saw my own aura emanating FROM MY HAND. I looked away and looked back to see if it just my eyes playing tricks on me. but no, indigo blue waves were pulsating from my hand."

"Figured I should do an update now. Spirituality has never been clearer...for lack of a better term...for me. My mind and soul feel as if they have been getting lighter day by day. Body too, I noticed a lot of emotional fluctuations in the first days but that's expected...The amount of toxins I put into my body is astronomical. I have suffered from what they call : bipolar, depression, anxiety. For the past few months ive been detoxifying my body with organic foods, filtered water and my mental and physical health has skyrocketed. But distilled water is the kicker....This is seriously making remarkable improvements with distilled water. As for my physical ailments that have improved, my IBS seems to have calmed down immensely. I can drink more water now without worrying about cramping and bloating. When I drank filtered water if I drank too much I would be in pain. Lots of it. Water bringing me pain.....NOT ANYMORE. I had knee surgery a few months ago and have tendonitis is several joints. Immediately the day I started taking distilled water I noticed MUCH MUCH MUCH less liquid in my knee and it feels much more flexible. Not to mention everything else feels extremely light. My skin is improving. I have acne and acne scars......It seems as if its speeding the healing process up."


"Well, I may as well jump on the band wagon...I haven't had a need to moisturize for the past two months (I would ALWAYS be moisturizing throughout the day), my skin feels amazing, my feet aren't dry, my eyes aren't bloodshot, I have more energy, I'm sleeping less (no need to sleep as much), I'm barely eating (not hungry and feel GREAT), I use my urine to shave with (before I always thought I had sensitive skin, so I always purchased "sensitive skin" shaving cream), my muscles are somehow getting noticeably bigger on their own, I don't produce excessive ear wax and the little that is produced doesn't stink at all like it used to, my sore tooth feels fine now, my back isn't sore, my joins don't pop and crack, and my hand tremors are gone...drinking distilled water and urine...who knew…"