DSMA Committee (D-Notice Committee)

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[2019] HOW THE UK SECURITY SERVICES NEUTRALISED THE COUNTRY’S LEADING LIBERAL NEWSPAPER The DSMA Committee, more commonly known as the D-Notice Committee, is run by the MOD, where it meets every six months. A small number of journalists are also invited to sit on the committee. Its stated purpose is to “prevent inadvertent public disclosure of information that would compromise UK military and intelligence operations”. It can issue “notices” to the media to encourage them not to publish certain information.

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The D Notice by Moyra Grant

[Australia] Dr Pauline Sadler gives a brief overview of the findings from her recently completed doctoral thesis on the D-Notice system.

The D-Notice system was introduced into Australia in 1952 by the conservative prime minister Robert Menzies and is administered by the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD). In 1977, under the Fraser government - the government in which the present prime minister John Howard was treasurer - a D-Notice was issued on matters relating to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS). (SOURCE) 'The overseas spy service has always been the most secretive member of the Australian intelligence establishment. Its existence wasn't officially acknowledged until 1977, and it was placed on a legislative footing only in 2001.' (SOURCE)  
    Although some members of the Australian public are under the misapprehension that the D-Notice system is defunct, this is not the case. The DSD may be defunct (it has not met since 1982), but all pre-existing D-Notices, including that on ASIS, remain in force. If the Port Arthur massacre was orchestrated by ASIS, then the Australian media is prohibited by means of the 1977 D-Notice from discussing the case. http://www.ourmedia.org/user/95839

The establishment media have worked propaganda wonders for the abusers of the Monarch Mind-control. Britain is extremely repressive in their information control. If any news medium tries to leak the most simplistic of information a secret document called a notice" will be sent at any time of day to them from a D-notice committee, and the media will have to stop whatever reference is deemed a secret. In the U.S. it in effect works as tight, it just is not officially as tight. The Illuminati Formula 5. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit