Liver/gallbladder cleanse

Liver cleanse

by Andreas Moritz


The Cleanse Bullet Points. (more here)

Days 1 - 5:


Day 6: Day 7:
  *** Important Highlights***

Do everyone have gallstones?

Of the many people I've administered this cleanse to, every single one reported massive release of stones. Some indications covered in the book include but aren't limited to:
What causes gallstones?

Did you know that 1/10 people in the US has gallstones? And every year 500,000 undergo gallbladder surgery. Gallstones are constituted mainly of cholesterol with bilirubin (what makes it green) and a number of other organic, fatty materials. The purpose of bile with water is to emulsify and help digest fats, including cholesterol but a diet with too much fat can lead to cholesterol build up in the bile causing incomplete fat digestion and gallstone formation. Lack of water will decrease the fluidity of bile causing stone formation.

It always starts off small, like anything else. A slightly elevated bilirubin (a waste product) combined with small cholesterol clots start clogging the bile canals and decreases bile synthesis and flow. They clump up with each other congesting the liver. This mean less fat digestion and the stones start getting even bigger and because the liver is continually making more bile, some may spill over into the blood causing yellow or gray pigmentation in the skin, liver spots and blemishes.

A call to action:
  1. Do not overeat! It is one of the WORST habits to maintain. Make sure you eat breakfast and then every 4 hours so that you're not starving by the time you actually can eat.
  2. Eat nutrition-packed meals. Did you know that malnutrition ALWAYS precedes obesity? Even if you're eating 3000 calories a day, if you're not getting the nutrients your body requires to function, your brain will send signals to keep eating.
  3. Try not to eat after 8pm. 7 if possible. Your digestive organs are sleeping in these hours of the night and it is incredibly difficult to digest foods, not to mention a heavy meal late at night.
  4. Protein protein protein! Our culture overeats animal products. Unless you are a lumberjack, there is no reason you need a lot of animal protein. Eat whole veggies as the staple of your diet and you shouldn't need meat, especially red meat, more than 1-2 times a week.
  5. Get enough purified water and unheated unrefined sea salt. Salt and water are the basis of equilibrium in our bodies and we must get enough of these vital nutrients. Don't drink tap and make sure your salt is UNHEATED.
  6. Drugs are really stressful to your liver. Re-asses if you're medications are really helping you get better. Contraceptives and HRT are also drugs.
  7. Sleep! Yes. You need to sleep!
  8. In Chinese medicine, when a person is overly irritable and angry, it is said that the liver is unbalanced, congested or infected. Similarly, when you get angry, the liver is most affected. Make sure your relationships at home and at work are healthy.
Do this liver flush 1 - 2 times a year after you've reached a point where not many stones are released to maintain clean bile canals.