[Curable with zapper.]

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[2014 Nov] Origins of Ebola linked to Malaria vaccine formula by Joel Lord.

[2011 Oct] Dangerous New Malaria Vaccine Causes Both Meningitis and Seizures and Isn’t Effective    Bill Gates and his henchmen celebrated and applauded their new malaria vaccine at an invitation-only vaccine-fest in Seattle this week. But when you read the fine print, it turns out this vaccine ‘was 34.8% effective in reducing severe malaria for the combined age-group category.’ But it’s not only ineffective, it’s dangerous. The so-called placebo they used was a rabies vaccine known to cause neuroparalytic accidents. If you wanted to flatter your experimental vaccine, you couldn’t have picked a better so-called placebo, since rabies vaccine side effects are so dangerous.  But the ruse didn’t work. Meningitis and seizure rates were far higher for the new Gatesian malaria vaccine than for the rabies vaccine ‘placebo.’ ......Gates is conducting the Emperor’s New Clothes method of vaccine development, by dumbing down effectiveness measures and covering up adverse reactions. No self-respecting modern scientist should stoop to signing onto a vaccine that is 35% effective. Imagine the carnage if they deploy this dangerous and ineffective vaccine to undernourished populations in Africa.
    Gate’s lapdog researchers said they believed the meningitis was not vaccine-related. Yeah, right. What do you expect vaccine cult scientists to say? Undernourished African children who develop immediate meningitis or seizures from this ineffective vaccine (with no malaria protection) might have a different opinion on that issue.

[2011 Aug] Bill Gates and His $10 Billion Vaccine Scam by Thomas C. Mountain

[2011 June] The Malaria Myth Explained, And Successfully Treating So-Called Malaria by Aajonus Vonderplanitz  your daughters have a 76% chance of dying in the hospital, only 24% of dying if they don't go to the hospital. And that was translated back to him, and he said, oh, you're probably right. Five years ago I had two daughters, they had malaria, so-called malaria, [I] took them to the hospital, they were dead in 24 hours. And he said, what do you suggest since you're a doctor?
    Well I said, I suggest you take 3 oz. of [fresh, raw] lime juice, 3 oz. of [unheated] honey, and 6 oz. of [raw, young green] coconut water, mix it together, and you give them a tablespoon every hour for three days in their waking hours. And then after that, every two to three hours, a tablespoon. They were very hesitant about letting me into the tribal area. I'm a white guy, of course. So, they were very reluctant, but the two children were better in three days. Completely over it, so of course, they sold me the land.

Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Zaire, 1976  [''This medical research published on PubMed details the cases of Ebola outbreak in 1976 that caused 280 deaths---and how it was caused by malaria injections!]  "The index case in this outbreak had onset of symptoms on 1 September 1976, five days after receiving an injection of chloroquine for presumptive malaria at the outpatient clinic at Yambuku Mission Hospital (YMH). He had a clinical remission of his malaria symptoms. Within one week several other persons who had received injections at YMH also suffered from Ebola haemorrhagic fever, and almost all subsequent cases had either received injections at the hospital or had had close contact with another case."

[2007] A Miracle Treatment for Malaria and Other Diseases by Jim V. Humble
For information about obtaining MMS, go to the websites  and

[Media Feb 2003] Nutrient Seen as Possible Malaria Treatment (arginine)

23 July 2004 Blood Electrification Effectiveness On Malaria


[Bats as preventive measures.] Charles Campbell MD



[Media Nov 2002] Malaria Drug Connected to Killings at Fort Bragg?

[Feb 2004] Army won't review medication (Larium) in suicides

[Media 2002] Worse than the disease? (anti-malaria drug mefloquine)

Bats, Mosquitoes and Dollars by Campbell, Dr. A. R.,  The Stratford Company, Boston, Mass., 1925.Blood Electrification Effectiveness On Malaria

"Dr Yahya Sekagye, when I met him in Uganda, had malaria and he cured it in a few days with a basic zapper that I gave him."--Don Croft

[2011 May EW] I've Always Wondered About This   Those students were quite unfriendly toward Carol on account of the zappers and they all got malaria, in spite of the prophylactic drug that was handed out to them.  Carol didn't take the drug but she didn't get malaria, of course, because she was using a zapper.  

Hi Don. Mrs O and Lawrance applied some Zappers in Kisumu and found that zappers really cure malaria and some small diseases. Like the ones I took to Ethiopia some friends stole them because they know the importance of them. Benedict teach people about zappres in school its im precancel.the first time zappers  was sand they thought it was a bad thing but they came to know that it is a good thing. I am advising Lawrance and Mrs O take zappers in hospital though doctors do not allow any medicine from out side. [march 2011]----Christine

Homeopathic malaria kept me safe from harm when I was living in Sri Lanka, despite getting bitten by mosquitoes many times a day. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, BCh

A Medical Doctor in Nigeria contacted us in 2001 asking if the blood electrification aspect of the BECK Protocol was effective against Malaria. We told him we didn't know but it could be. We sent him a unit to try on one person who was willing to try it and whose life would not be put into danger by trying it. About two months later we heard back from him-the units had been effective with malaria in 5 out of 6 people. Blood Electrification Effectiveness On Malaria

"During the years 1907, 1908, 1909, and 1910, mosquitoes appeared as if in clouds. In 1909 we were both very ill with malarial jaundice. In the afore-mentioned years it was a sacrifice for us to irrigate at night, and no one would help us for any amount of money. During the day it was almost impossible for us to get rest, on account of being so pestered by the mosquitoes.    "Since the bat roost was erected, which was in the year 1911, we have noticed a change year by year from the previous years.   "During the years 1912 and 1913 we were able to irrigate at night without being molested by the mosquitoes, and since 1911 we have had no illness of malarial origin. Allegation Three: That we can build a home for bats......and eradicate the malaria in the vicinities where the homes are erected.

An interesting thing which has been brought to my attention by a family member since we installed the CB is that mosquitoes were far less vicious!  We live in a treesy place with lots of plants and foliage and thus many mosquitoes.  I noticed, a while back, that mosquitoes in Nairobi are far more sly and vicious than other cities and it puzzled me.  I can now make the connection between abundant DOR and these qualities.  Perhaps a time will come, (when the world has been thoroughly filled with orgone), when animals omnivorous animals will change their eating habits.  Orgone has so much to teach us.---Judy [EW Sept 2006] cb dramas - September 11, 2006 -----judylubulwa

 I talked to my friend, the First Minister Moses Nagamotoo, one evening and he explained to me that two drug companies had called the Minister of Health and threatened to quit shipping drugs to the local hospital if she didn't do something about the person claiming to be able to cure malaria. [2007] A Miracle Treatment for Malaria and Other Diseases by Jim V. Humble

 [2007] A Miracle Treatment for Malaria and Other Diseases by Jim V. Humble Wherever I went, I treated people for malaria (and sometimes typhoid fever). Although the stabilised oxygen worked only about 70 per cent of the time, it was enough to make me quite famous in the jungle......I began making the solution much stronger than the stabilised oxygen than is sold on the market. For many years, stabilised oxygen was 3.5 per cent sodium chlorite. At this time my solution, which I have named the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), was 28 per cent sodium chlorite.......I didn't go from 10 drops of stabilised oxygen to 120 directly, but I finally wound up at 120 drops and used a second 120 drops one hour later. I did it a little at a time until I found out what it took to cure a disease......I have never put anyone at risk and I have treated over 2,000 people personally. Over 75,000 malaria cases have been treated, mostly by people I trained. The people treated were cured, and no deaths were reported in the bunch. Normally, over 300 deaths could be expected. When I say "cured", I'm referring to the fact that these people got up, smiled, put their clothes on and went back to work. They have not relapsed, as far as we can tell........Bill Gates told us over the phone that he would not help until we had Food and Drug Administration approval.
We know that the MMS (28 per cent sodium chlorite) generates chlorine dioxide (that's CIO2) when mixed with vinegar. The reason why is because the acetic acid in the vinegar causes the solution to be neutralised or, better than that, causes it to become slightly acidic. The   MMS   solution   is   normally extremely alkaline. When it is made acidic by adding the vinegar, it becomes slightly unstable and it begins to release chlorine dioxide. By measuring the drops and the acetic acid, we know that it creates about three milligrams (3 mg) of chlorine dioxide in approximately three minutes. When apple juice (or other juice without vitamin C) is added, it dilutes the solution so that there is about 1 ppm of chlorine dioxide in the total apple juice mixture. The MMS solution continues to generate chlorine dioxide, but now at a much slower rate.
    Chlorine and chlorine dioxide have many antiseptic uses; for more than 100 years they have been used to purify water and kill pathogens in hospitals. ......Research has proven chlorine dioxide to be much safer than chlorine, as it is selective for pathogens when used in water and it does not create compounds from other constituents in the water, which chlorine does. Simple chemistry tells us that, without doubt, the same situation exists in the body. It has been proven that chlorine in drinking water creates at least three different carcinogenic compounds when it enters the body, but no such compounds have been found from chlorine dioxide. The American Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that chlorine dioxide is the most powerful pathogen killer known to man.
    There is no excuse why more research has not been conducted into a solution that has been used for 100 years to kill disease-causing germs. The pharmaceutical companies not only haven't done the research, but they've actually refused to test the stabilised oxygen many times.

 Tvedten explained how he first became aware of the way this works when he was still in his twenties, starting to spray the six acre pond on his farm with DDT. That was the 60s and the awareness that would be spawned by the environmental movement was still in the future. Each year the mosquitoes that assailed his guests when he entertained in the evening got worse. He found himself spraying massive amounts of DDT several times a night....Tvedten realized that there were no longer any dragonflies darting over the pond. DDT hit them also, destroying the natural predators that had kept the pesky mosquitoes at bay. So he bought some dragonflies and released them into the area around the water. It worked.
       Every year, as soon as the dragonflies hatch, the mosquitoes disappear. That was the beginning of many changes on his farm and in his work as a pest control professional.
     “There was a time when I loved to go out and smell the earth; you could smell the life it it. That has changed. Today food is really grown hydroponically. The soil holds it up but no longer nourishes it. That means that we are also dying, slowly, of malnutrition. The people who would do this to children, to all of us, have no souls. I have looked into their eyes and seen that.” Poisoning The Earth For Profit - DDT, A Vaccine For Mosquitoes? by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Levy, MD, JD, Thomas E.  [2002] Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable by Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D.    


Dr. Campbell's Malaria-Eradicating Guano-Producing Bat Roost.