Pig Abuse
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[Pigs are outdoor animals, as smart or smarter than dogs (and make great outdoor pets), yet are treated like battery chickens, another crime.  They created the Swine flu 2009 gold rush thanks to a pig factory in Mexico, also the last Foot and mouth fiasco was blamed on pig swill, so you can't even feed your food waste to them anymore which is the whole point of pigs.  Pigs could also be a human/wild boar hybrid (piglets have the same smell as babies).]

Smithfield Foods

[vid] Love In Times of Influenza The true story of the CEO of U.S. agribusiness corporation Smithfield Foods, who married his pig Michelle and moved to Mexico to make mischief with the aid and assistance of the Mexican government.

[Video] Pig Business

[Video] Pig Business at the House of Commons

[2009 April] Pandemic or Factory Farm Fiasco? by Colleen De Koning 

[2009 May] 'The smell is so awful that I start to vomit': Is this farm the Ground Zero of swine flu?