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[Animal Sacrifice. The FMD epidemic was a textbook example of how to cause trauma in a large group of people (farmers mostly, 50 suicides) quite apart from the animals, so it would be a golden opportunity to them, as well as getting rid of small farmers. How to waste billions of taxpayers money killing mostly healthy animals for a disease harmless in properly fed animals.  And to make it even worse the main culprit (assuming it wasn't deliberate) for the outbreak was a vaccine!  Ditto 2007 outbreak.  Talking to one of the cullers, he never saw one sick animal, and 8 cullers he knew never saw one too.
    See David David Crowe's  book The infectious myth. In preparation.]

See: Bovine TB and badgers

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Foot and Mouth — the management of a pseudo-crisis by Steven Ransom

[2009 Feb] Pirbright laboratories agree foot-and-mouth damages settlements with local farmers

[Media Sept 2001] Dutch Farmers Say Bayer (Flu) Vaccine Caused Sick Cows
[Media FMD] Food lobby forced PM into u-turn on plan for vaccination
Fw: [FMDnew] Leaders of the Inquiries
[FMD] 'Having failed to sort things out itself, the Government has, as usual, gone fleeing to big business for wisdom'
FMD antibodies
[FMD media aug 7, 2001] A conspiracy to kill off the countryside--Christoper Booker

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