Edgar J. Schoen
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[Circumcision flack. Dr. Schoen is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, one of the main peddlers of poisons such as Soy, Bottle-feeding, Vaccination during pregnancy, and vaccination doesn't cause autism liars (See: MMR Conspiracy Vaccine autism proven).  Similar to Paul (100,000 vaccines at once) Offit---someone so wrong but so convinced he is right suggests Hypnosis, at best.  Who is pulling his strings?  Nice smile, white coat, bow tie--you wouldn't think he was out to mutilate your baby and it's sexuality, would you? Only missing the stethoscope---Robert Mendelsohn M.D shows him how he missed a trick there.]

[Letter MBJ 2005 George Hill, John V. Geisheker] Edgar Schoen does not represent the North American view of male circumcision

2003 Edgar J. Schoen steps up pressure on American Academy of Pediatrics to reverse its policy on circumcision, claiming that circumcision prevents AIDS. [It's wise to circumcise: time to change policy. Pediatrics. 2003 Jun;111(6 Pt 1):1490 -1]

1997 Edgar J. Schoen tries and fails once again to convince European countries to institute mass circumcision. [Benefits of newborn circumcision: Is Europe ignoring the medical evidence? Archives of Diseases of Childhood 1997 Sep;7(3):258-60]

1991 Edgar J. Schoen tries and fails to convince European countries to institute mass circumcision. [Is it time for Europe to reconsider newborn circumcision? Acta Paediatrica Scandanavian 1991 May;8(5)573-7]

1989 Under the direction of Edgar J. Schoen, the American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Circumcision declares circumcision is necessary. [Report of the Task Force on Circumcision. Pediatrics 1989 Aug;84(2):388-91]

2007 Morris et al. reprise the prostate cancer scare tactic.
Morris BJ, Waskett J, Bailis SA. case number and the financial impact of circumcision in reducing prostate cancer. BJU Intl, 2007;

Timeline of Medical Circumcision

"As editor of a newspaper dedicated to infectious diseases, you know that antibiotics are the standard of care for infection and that surgery is a last resort for body parts for which there is no other cure. Perpetrating sexual surgery on healthy non-consenting minors, under the legal age of informed consent or refusal, to purportedly prevent an unlikely and curable future infection, is unacceptable. Intentionally amputating healthy erogenous genital tissue from tethered, protesting infants is a surgical act of sexual sadism.
      "Kaiser Foundation's Edgar Schoen ignores the erogenous benefits of the foreskin and a man's birthright to the sexual fulfillment he was born to experience. He would do well to stop promoting and perpetrating sexual surgery. He withholds from parents, who have no ethical right to consent to unnecessary sexually disendowing surgery on their children, the fact that the foreskin has sexual and erogenous functions. He contends that circumcision protects against sexually transmitted disease!
      "Dr. Schoen's failed attempt to justify surgical genital abuse is a willful act of misrepresentation. It is a disgrace and discredit to the medical profession and Infectious Diseases in Children. It is imperative that you also remove this tainted material to minimize liability to this publication from harmed patients, especially circumcised victims who developed AIDS in spite of being circumcised. Beyond patient harm, beyond medical ethics, publishing misinformation is a licensing and disciplinary issue of grave import to all involved."
      Eileen Marie Wayne, MD, Letters (Circumcision -- sexual sadism?), Infectious Diseases in Children, Vol. 11, No. 2, February 1998.
A Short History of Circumcision in the U.S.