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[Here is the plan for small farmers (or all farmers in the case of Somalia 1), seen in the 2005, man made, Foot and mouth outbreak, where 50 committed suicide (FMD suicides).  It is over 80,000 in India, see: Farmer suicides, the main task of GM foods.]

Farmer suicides 
FMD suicides 

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

[2011 July] World Food Program in Somalia: Angel of Mercy or Angel of Death? by Thomas C. Mountain  Back in 2006, just as Somali farmers brought their grain harvest to market, the WFP began the distribution of its entire year’s grain aid for Somalia. With thousands of tons of free grain available, Somali farmers found it almost impossible to sell their harvest and faced disaster......Then in 2007, just as the Somali grain harvest began to arrive in local markets, the WFP once again distributed its entire year’s grain aid, only this time with the Ethiopian army there to protect it. With a four-year-long on-and-off-again drought since afflicting most of Somalia, you could say the WFP helped put the nail in the coffin of Somali agriculture.

[2010] Machines of War: Blackwater, Monsanto, and Bill Gates Like Monsanto, Gates is also engaged in trying to destroy rural farming worldwide, mainly through the "Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa" (AGRA). It works as a Trojan horse to deprive poor African farmers of their traditional seeds, replacing them with the seeds of their companies first, finally by genetically modified (GM). To this end, the Foundation hired Robert Horsch in 2006, the director of Monsanto. Now Gates, airing major profits, went straight to the source.  Blackwater, Monsanto and Gates are three sides of the same figure: the war machine on the planet and most people who inhabit it, are peasants, indigenous communities, people who want to share information and knowledge or any other who does not want to be in the aegis of profit and the destructiveness of capitalism.

[2004] Cartels’ Soy Revolution Kills Argentine Farming by Cynthia R. Rush  The blame lies with the criminal financial predators behind the international food cartels—Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge, etc.—that have systematically destroyed Argentina's food-producing capabilities over recent decades, replacing them with large-scale production of genetically-modified soy for export to a globalized market. The imposition of unbridled free trade, exemplified by Carlos Menem's embrace of the International Monetary Fund's policies during his 1989-1999 Presidency, has returned Argentina to "the colonial model of commodity export," Lapolla writes. "We have ceased to be a nation."
...Government ministries and scientific agencies once assigned to deal with problems related to real production have been roped into this offensive, prodded by such well-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as the British Crown's Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Greenpeace.
    Under the guise of protecting the environment, the WWF has supported the food cartels' "Sustainable Soy" model, advocating expanded soy production only, while simultaneously demanding that large swaths of land be set aside as pristine ecology parks, protected from "contamination"—and agricultural production.

[2004 pdf] Soy Monoculture in the Americas: Globalization Ruins Food Economy by Marcia Merry Baker

Destroying small farmers by Pig Business Twenty years ago in North Carolina, where we went to film the US footage of Pig Business, there were 27,000 independent family pig farmers. Today there are almost none; instead, there are 2,200 pig factories. Of these, 1,600 are either owned or contracted to Smithfield, who now control 75% of all pig production in the state. The factories have created new jobs, but they have displaced three times that number of independent family famers.

Food and Water Watch – Turning Farms into Factories (2007)

[2007] The Trouble With Smithfield: A Corporate Profile

Bankwatch – ‘Who’s squeezing Polish Farmers?’(2004)