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"In one case where complete remission was achieved in myelogenous leukemia…the patient took 24-42 gms vitamin c per day…it is inconcievable that no-one appears to have followed this up….without the scurvy, leukemia may be a relatively benign, non fatal condition. I wrote a paper..in an attempt to have the therapy clinically tested..I sent it to 3 cancer journals and 3 blood journals..it was refused by all….Two without even reading it."---Irwin Stone, Ph.D.

"Cot-death is no longer a problem of clinical medicine, but is one of medical politics. We have long had the knowledge and experience as to how these unnecessary deaths can be avoided. In the meantime.. to prevent your offspring from becoming a SIDS statistic just make sure that its daily intake of ascorbate from conception on is sufficient. Under this regime the neonate is so robust and healthy that there has never been a case of SIDS among these ascorbate corrected infants, not even a case of respiratory distress during birth."---Irwin Stone, Ph.D.(1981) in "Every Second Child" by Dr Kalokerinos (1974).

The Healing Factor: Vitamin C Against Disease By Irwin Stone

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The recommended dietary allowance of 45 milligrams of ascorbate a day for human adults, now proposed and used by nutritionists, is grossly inadequate to restore Homo sapiens to a normal mammalian ascorbate physiology. To correct fully this human genetic defect and banish epidemic chronic subclinical scurvy requires daily intakes of ascorbate equivalent to, at least, the amounts synthesized by the other mammals.

“Humans kept on a long term regime of full correction of this birth defect show great salutary benefits in health maintenance, disease therapy and slowing of the aging process. This can be regarded as the creation of a new and more robust, longer-living, tough human sub-species, Homo sapiens ascorbicus...”

[AscorbateWeb Editorial: Dr. Stone was probably the first to identify the human/primate genetic mutation as the root cause of most of mankind’s great suffering and susceptibility to debilitating diseases. The US RDA of 60 mg. ascorbate daily (as of 2003) is still tragically, laughably inadequate for attaining or maintaining full health.]

[pdf] Taking the Cure: Irwin Stone: Orthomolecular Innovator and Educator by Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D.

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Chronic drug addiction produces in the victims severe subclinical scurvy, along with multivitamin and mineral dysfunction and protein deficiencies. ...Methadone ... only continues the severe biochemical stresses contributing to their illness.

“The treatment is entirely orthomolecular and inexpensive, is nontoxic, and uses no drugs or narcotics ... sodium ascorbate is administered at 25 to 85 g per day or more, along with high doses of multivitamins, essential minerals, and protein hydrolysate. ...Under this treatment, the heroin or methadone is stopped and no withdrawal symptoms are encountered. Should a “fix” be taken, it is immediately detoxified and no “high” is produced. It is like injecting plain water.

“... [a] male, age 24. Began using heroin at age 15 and now had a habit costing between $150 and $200 a day. ... He was such a skeptic of the value of our orthomolecular program that... he first took 45 g of sodium ascorbate and then in the space of five hours he “shot-up” $300-$400 worth of heroin, and he felt no effect from this large amount of heroin. He continued on the ascorbate, 45 g per day for 10 days, along with the vitamins, minerals, and protein supplement. Then the dosage was reduced to 10 g sodium ascorbate and continued for another 30 days. The patient has moved out of the area, but when last seen, he was drug-free and had an extreme sense of well-being and a good attitude.

“We speculate on ascorbate’s action as due to the high levels of sodium ascorbate in the brain as competing for and displacing the narcotic from the opiate receptor sites. ...it might be possible to use this phenomenon postoperatively on surgical patients to quickly bring them out of anesthesia.”

[AscorbateWeb Editorial: Incredibly, at the start of the 21st century, methadone is still the preferred “treatment” for heroin addicts. The researchers of this study speculate about the genetic and biomolecular bases for Man’s susceptibility to opiate drugs. As for ascorbate’s observed property of nullifying the effects of opiates, there has been no evidence of follow-through on characterizing this in clinical or emergency practice.]

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Dogs and cats were found to be poor ascorbate producers and suffer from chronic subclinical scurvy, especially when under stress. The full correction of this genetic condition gives dramatic therapeutic results in sick animals and consistent maintenance of full health and mental alertness when used as a prophylactic measure.

“A 2-year-old, 65 pound German Shepherd with a grade #3 hip dysplasia was bred and placed on 2 grams of sodium ascorbate daily. The pregnancy and whelping were very uneventful with eight normal pups whelped. The pups were placed on 50 to 100 milligrams ascorbate a day during early puppyhood. This regime was repeated through four litters. To date there is no dysplasia in the 30 pups.... These preliminary results may provide the basis for a possible simple procedure for preventing the very frustrating occurrence of canine hip dysplasia.”

[AscorbateWeb Editorial: Since lawyers, ethics committees and review boards seem to be less bothersome in veterinary medicine, one could expect great strides in the application of ascorbate to healing sick animals and keeping them healthy. Ironically, domesticated animals may end up healthier than their human masters.]

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[1967] The Genetic Disease, Hypoascorbemia: Stone, Acta Geneticae Medicae et Gemellologiae, 1967

Man, some monkeys, guinea pigs and an Indian fruit eating bat... are the only mammals known to be unable to produce ascorbic acid in their livers. These few species are the only mammals that can contract and die of scurvy if deprived of exogenous ascorbic acid.”

[AscorbateWeb Editorial: In the early 1960s the theory of Mankind’s suffering from this genetic disease was developed. The author explores the implications of fully “correcting” this widespread chronic human deficiency of ascorbate.]

[1966] On the Genetic Etiology of Scurvy: Stone, Acta Geneticae Medicae et Gemellologiae, 1966

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