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"Dr. Charles Creighton, Alfred Russel Wallace, William White, Prof. Edgar Crookshank, William Tebb, Dr. Scott Tebb, Dr. William J. Collins and his father, of the same name, who had been a public vaccinator for 20 years and had renounced the practice, were all head-and-shoulders above their opponents, both in intellect and in integrity. They may therefore never be mentioned on the radio, nor may their history."---Lionel Dole

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I have proved beyond doubt, by personal inquiries in various countries where leprosy is increasing, that the increase is due to vaccination."----William Tebb  (THE AUTHOR’S PERSONAL STATEMENT OF THE RESULTS OF VACCINATION, APPENDIX to  LEPROSY AND VACCINATION by  WILLIAM TEBB)

"According to Sir Edwin Chadwick, Dr. B. W. Richardson, and all other sanitarians of repute, small-pox is a disease due to insanitary conditions, impure water, bad drainage, dirty living,. and particularly to overcrowding; and, instead of removing these conditions, the Governments of India during the past thirty years have been spending their, energies, and large sums of money, in extending vaccination."--William Tebb  (1893 Book: LEPROSY AND VACCINATION)

"He remarks that in Antioquia (Colombia) not a single case of leprosy was known thirty years ago. Since then, the disease has spread in all directions, and the number in this town is now said to be over 800. I may add that, during the interval, vaccination has been introduced in all the Republics of South America with the usual sinister results."--William Tebb  (1893 Book: LEPROSY AND VACCINATIONp48)

"I should be sorry to see a leper cook, and I go further than that.    In vaccinating, I think hardly a medical man would take vaccine lymph from the arm of a leper infant.   I know it has been our practice for the last twenty years not to do so." ---1883 Dr Henry Ebden, President of the (South African) Medical Board (Leprosy & Vaccination by William Tebb)

"The lymph used was of unknown origin, kept in capillary glass tubes, from whence it was blown into a cup into which the lancet was dipped. No pretence of cleaning the lancet was made; it drew blood in very many instances, and it was used upon as many as 276 during the first day (on board ship). .....no one can estimate the number of healthy, innocent children, as well as adults, who are inoculated with syphilis or other foul disease."--William Tebb 1884 (Compulsory Vaccination in England by William Tebb)

"The chief of the Public Health Department was clearly not aware that until a comparatively recent period arm-to-arm vaccination was practically the only method in vogue; and at the time Mr. Ritchie’s declaration was made, to the effect that none of the lymph in use had passed through the human body, at least three-fourths of the lymph in use in the United Kingdom was the variety known as arm-to-arm vaccination virus."--William Tebb 1893

"The use of clean lancets and healthy vaccinifers without hereditary taint, however much insisted upon, cannot be made compulsory; and the people are obliged under severe penalties to submit to whatever vaccination is offered, which is chiefly of the leprous and syphilitic variety, collected from miscellaneous native vaccinifers by perfunctory public vaccinators. Indeed, as I have found by personal inquiries in the West Indies, South Africa, and Hawaii, all the precautions admitted to be indispensable for the safe performance of the official rite are habitually disregarded."--William Tebb http://www.whale.to/v/tebb/9.html

"With regard to tuberculosis, the most deadly of all diseases in Europe, the following extracts from the translation of an article in the Gazette Hebdomadaire des Sciences Medicales, by Dr. Perron, Officier de la Legion díHonneur, which appeared in the Vaccination Inquirer and Health Review of December, 1890, may arrest the attention of the reflective reader. Dr. Perron says"If we now turn back and examine the events of the last century or so, we can show a constant increase of tuberculosis, a fact never hitherto satisfactorily explained. There was a time when this malady existed only as an exceptional thing; now, actually, in spite of the incessant progress in public and private hygiene, in spite of all the material improvements that have been made, it tends more and more to rise to the rank of a pestilence. It should be remarked that it strikes by preference at the young lives, that is, those who are, nevertheless, at the age when the physical resistance to morbific causes is the strongest. Now, a malady which originates in exhaustion, in vital poverty, should display its power in the inverse order, and should fall most heavily on the old. We are, then, compelled to believe that young folk offer, for some quite special reason, an exceptionally favourable soil for the implanting of Kochís bacillus.
    "Side by side with this growing extension of tuberculosis, we see ... the practice of vaccination. We may ask ourselves whether in this double simultaneous evolution there is not a hidden oneness? If tuberculosis, in spite of all sanitary precautions, has multiplied its attacks during the last hundred years, it is, we submit, because vaccination has come to Create for it a propitious soil. That would explain, not only its advancing growth in all civilised countries, but also its special influence over the young subjects who are always more or less recently vaccinated, and consequently more receptive than the others in the presence of the bacillus.""------William Tebb   COMPULSORY VACCINATION IN BOMBAY----THE DANGER OF TUBERCULOSIS. (APPENDIX to  LEPROSY AND VACCINATION )