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Dr. Gary Tunsky Presents how our modern diets are responsible for 10,000 diseases. It's time for a true wake-up call to the one single shocking cause of most degenerative diseases and the direct enemy of self-healing. Its technical name is "Congestive Toxicosis". There are over 10,000 known diseases studied and labelled, by today's medical researchers.
    The truth is, almost every disease known to man is nothing more than a description of a tube or system of tubes that have been clogged, cut, weakened, inflamed, crushed, damages, twisted, deflated, or exploded - "Congestive Toxicosis". To better understand "Congestive Toxicosis", stop a minute and visualize the inside of your body being made up of an intricate system of hollow tubes. These tubular structures deliver a river of solids, liquids, and gases to the 75 trillion plus cells that make up the human body.

In this 2h long video Dr. Day reveals the true causes for our diseases and gives the astonishing answers on how to get well living a healthy lifestlye and eating natural food thus improving our immune system. In addition, she exposes the disastrous side effects of the drugs used to treat these disorders. Discover the cause of your disease and find out how to get well. Dr. Lorraine Day herself developed severe advanced cancer and almost died - which became her supreme motivating factor for finding out how to get well. She recovered by natural methods, without chemotherapy, radiation or mutilating surgery. In the process of her research, she discovered that there are known causes for virtually every disease, even though this is never taught to doctors in medical school.
    Some of the diseases discussed in video:
High blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease Cancer: all types including leukemia and AIDS Arthritis, lupus and sciatica Allergies, asthma and bronchitis Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Stomach ulcers and diseases of the colon Special problems of women including menopause and osteoporosis Flu, colds, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and many other diseases.