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The word ‘virus’ comes from the Latin for a poisonous liquid, and before that from the Sanskrit for the same. Introduction

'The germ is presented as the Devil. It is the source of fear, accorded its due by the priest, the doctor, who administers the injection.' ~  Jon Rappoport

"Germs Are Born In Us and From Us as an Outfection and NOT an Infection of the Body Cells. In otherwords germs are symptoms of cellular and genetic disorganization and NOT the specific cause of the cellular and genetic disorganization! The GERM is NOTHING and the TERRAIN is EVERYTHING. Germs can only contribute to a state of toxic imbalance but NEVER cause ANY specific sickness or disease!"  - Dr. Robert O. Young

"Virus Mania is a social disease of our highly developed society. To cure it will require conquering fear, fear being the most deadly contagious virus, most efficiently transmitted by the media. Errare humanum est sed diabolicum preservare… (to err is human, but to preserve an error is diabolic)."----Etienne de Harven

Swine Flu 2009  "Orthodox virology omits toxicology, and is thus void.  Toxicological  causation is obvious and toxicology is avoided by the media like the plague. Forget the intellectual, scientific intrigue of virology.  Without toxicology, virology is a mind-trap.  Virology is the deadly virus. Orthodoxy could claim that a "virus" has any number of fearful characteristics, but those characteristics are meaningless if the victims are poisoned.  Without poisoning, perhaps the virus is a nutrient.  Perhaps there is no virus.  Most likely, the "virus" is harmless human nucleic acid, rearranged as a response to poisoning, and thus always a test for said "virus" would be positive during periods of poisoning."

"At that point, my prime suspicion still was that we were dealing with an epidemic caused by a new type of virus....Routine laboratory tests, which were carried out by the family doctors, showed that some suffered from leukocytosis, an increase of the white blood cells, or slight increase of transaminases, that is to say, an increased level of specific liver enzymes. Initially, I considered this to be a consequence of a new kind of viral infection. Yet, this was not confirmed by the health authorities and the Robert Koch Institute. After collecting the first 18 cases further patients came to me with the same symptoms. Later several patients were diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia or multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome (MCS). In several others, there was a persistent Epstein Barr virus infection, the so-called glandular fever. However, it did not present in its classic form, but rather in its chronic form that often is not detected by the doctors." [pdf 2009] Observations from a Psychotherapy Practice on Mobile Telecommunications and DECT Telephones by Dr. med. Christine Aschermann

Research programs on Hepatitis C, BSE, SARS, Avian flu and current vaccination policies all developed along the same logic, that of maximizing financial profits. Whenever we try to understand how some highly questionable therapeutic policies have been recommended at the highest levels of public health authorities (WHO, CDC, RKI etc.), we frequently discover either embarrassing conflicts of interests, or the lack of essential control experiments, and always the strict rejection of any open debate with authoritative scientists presenting dissident views of the pathological processes. Manipulations of statistics, falsifications of clinical trials, dodging of drug toxicity tests have all been repeatedly documented. All have been swiftly covered up, and none have been able to, so far, disturb the cynical logic of today’s virus research business. [2008] Virus Mania Foreword by Etienne de Harven

"Most people believe that every disease on the following list has an infectious cause: HIV/AIDS, SARS, West Nile, Mad Cow, CJD and other Spongiform Encephalopathies, Foot and Mouth, Hepatitis C, Polio, Avian Flu, & the 1918 ‘Spanish’ Flu. There is considerable scientific evidence that these disease do not just have non-infectious co-factors, but that they are almost entirely non-infectious."---David Crowe

 "My book instead proved that HIV – wherever it came from – was a harmless retrovirus that was being used as a cover story to explain/conceal an emerging depopulation operation in the Third World. HIV was also a cover for other agendas outside the Third World. As long as AIDS is the target of WHO/UN "humanitarian" efforts, the actual causes – which are easily reversible – of death in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are allowed to remain and fester and expand."      Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport

"For the public ever to break command science it must first understand the basis of its enormous powers.......Traditionally, the power of medical sciences has been based on the fear of disease, particularly infectious disease."--Peter Deusberg (Inventing The AIDS Virus).

"I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses -- as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous -- in fact do not exist at all.....In the field of hepatitis...They are not dealing with a virus.....there's no such thing as infectious hepatitis."--[1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA

“[T]here’s fame, fortune, and big budgets in sounding the ‘emerging infection’ alarm and warning of our terrible folly in being unprepared.”-------Michael Fumento, National Post, March 28, 2003 

"The therapy business: Antiviral medication, 3 or 4 or 5 fold combinations, AIDS can't be topped in this department. ....... With intoxication hypotheses on the other hand you cannot make any money at all. The simple message is: Avoid the poison and you won´t get sick. Such hypotheses are counterproductive insofar as the toxins (drugs, alcohol, pills, phosmet) bring high revenues. The conflict of interests is not resolvable: What virologist who does directly profit millions from their patent rights of the HIV or HCV tests (Montagnier, Simon Wain-Hobsen, Robin Weiss, Robert Gallo) can risk to take even one look in the other direction."--BSE/AIDS/Hepatitis C Infectious or Intoxication Diseases? By Claus Köhnlein

The word "virus" is ancient Latin, meaning "slime" or "poison." Mainstream science admits that most viruses are harmless, yet the word "virus " adds to a biased and highly promoted language of fear regarding nature. Definitions of viruses; range from "pathogenic" to "not usually pathogenic" - the more popular the media source, the more frightening the definition. Less fearful definitions would change the relationship between the medical industry and its "patients."
    Paradoxically, early virus studies considered virus filtrates to be a poison, not a microbe, thus the name virus. Today, we know that viruses are information. Now, nearly a half-century later, the validity of Dr. Biskinds work appears even more certain. Again, according to Biskind:
    It was even known by 1945 that DDT is stored in the body fat of mammals and appears in the milk. With this foreknowledge the series of catastrophic events that followed the most intensive campaign of mass poisoning in known human history, should not have surprised the experts. Yet, far from admitting a causal relationship so obvious that in any other field of biology it would be instantly accepted, virtually the entire apparatus of communication, lay and scientific alike, has been devoted to denying, concealing, suppressing, distorting and attempts to convert into its opposite, the overwhelming evidence. Libel, slander and economic boycott have not been overlooked in this campaign.
    The unique correlations between CNS disease and CNS toxins present a variety of research opportunities not only in medical science, but political science, philosophy, media studies, psychology, and sociology. Images of Poliomyelitis: A Critique of Scientific Literature by Jim West

The very first person to describe AIDS cases—Michael Gottlieb in Los Angeles describing five homosexual men with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia—himself was already suggesting that it was caused by a herpes type virus, Cytomegalovirus. After that Epstein-Barr virus was blamed, HTLV-1, and finally you have HIV. That was the result of the virus hunters being in a dominant position in the establishment. That's the reason that AIDS wasn't blamed on a bacterium or on an environmental cause or a toxicological cause. The virus hunters controlled biomedical research and the biomedical research establishment, and had done so since the war on polio, and had done so because the NIH was an overfed bureaucratic agency that had in fact created by far the largest scientific research establishment in the history of the world—more technicians wearing lab coats, grinding out more data on a daily basis. It only gets worse every year. Bryan Ellison Interview

"The whole area of effects caused by toxic chemicals is murky, because the medical cartel does not want to implicate certain corporations in crimes of magnitude. And because the medical boys are always on the prowl for germs. And because many toxic chemicals turn out to be medicines."--Jon Rappoport

I'M APPALLED by the unfounded assumptions of 'experts' about the hyper-infectious nature of the BSE/CJD agent (Mail). Basic evidence suggests variant CJD didn't arise from eating BSE-affected cattle. Third World countries imported even greater quantities of the incriminated British meat than we consumed here, but no cases of vCJD have occurred in those countries. I've travelled worldwide carrying out analyses of areas with prion diseases, of which vCJD is one. These diseases increase only in areas with a high manganese/low copper imbalance. Experiments at Cambridge and Case Western, Cleveland, universities confirmed my findings that misshapen prions develop whenever brain cells are exposed to this imbalance.
I found one organophosphate — poured on cows to counteract warble fly and on humans for headlice — which bonded with copper in the brain, starving the prion protein of its copper partner. When this happens, foreign metals, such as manganese, are more likely to bond with prions, which can have devastating consequences. Manganese is increasing in the environment due to its use as a fertiliser and fungicide, a lead substitute in petrol, and emission from factories. It was fed to UK cattle in calf milk replacement powder (at levels up to 1,000 times higher than in normal cow's milk) and as supplements for bone growth. Manganese is also fed to humans (in health food supplements), deer (for antler growth) and cats —and all have had prion disease. The totalitarian mindset about the origins of prion diseases betrays an agenda. It's more about global profits for the GM soya protein empires than about the illusory health risks of animal proteins to humans.

"The list of celebrity AIDS patients who died on AZT for their belief in medical authority includes ballet star Rudolf Nureyev, who died in 1993, Randy Shilts, the author of the bestseller And the Band Played On, who died in 1994 and many more. As a thoroughly politicized epidemic, AIDS began with a falsehood and ended in tragedy. Virus hunters in the CDC­directed public health movement first made the new syndrome appear contagious. Virus hunters in the NIH­funded research establishment then blamed AIDS on a retrovirus. And virus hunters in the NIH, CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical industry exploited the situation by resurrecting failed cancer chemotherapeutic drugs for AIDS treatment. In the crisis atmosphere created by the CDC, which allowed no time to think before acting, such toxic drugs as AZT, ddI, and ddC could bypass the normal review procedures and achieve a sanctified monopoly status. The final results have been an unnecessary death toll and an artificially expanding AIDS epidemic."—Peter Deusberg

Blaming non-infectious diseases on infectious microbes has occurred many times before. ......For fifteen years the syndrome was mismanaged by the Japanese science establishment, where virtually all research efforts were controlled by virus hunters. Ignoring strong evidence to the contrary, researchers continued to assume the syndrome was contagious and searched for one virus after another. Year after year the epidemic grew, despite public health measures to prevent the spread of an infectious agent. And in the end, medical doctors were forced to admit that their treatment had actually caused SMON in the first place. [1996] 'The SMON Fiasco' by Bryan Ellison and Peter Duesberg

This goes to the heart of what I have been writing for years about the virus hunters. They are winging it. They have established certain patterns or rituals for discovering new viruses...and they stick to them even though they are not scientific. The more arcane these rituals are, the more other scientists are cowed and refuse to issue challenges.  "The Fujian virus was here, I know I put it somewhere, but I can't find it." This is sheer blue sky baloney. "I can describe the entire genetic sequence and headlights and the grill and the fins and the color and door handles of this new virus...I just can't get my hands on an actual virus." Sure. Just go back to your padded cell. We'll call you if we need you. Where's the Virus? The Fujian Fairy Tale by Jon Rappoport

"The Centers for Disease Control has had three major programs through which it can make diseases appear infectious and make everyone step in line to agree. One is that in the early 1950s they formed a special unit, an elite, semi-secret unit, that is now almost fully secret, called the Epidemic Intelligence Service, or EIS. New graduates of medical schools, or biological graduate schools, or perhaps dental schools, or a few other things, public health departments, are recruited upon graduation to take a several-week course, and then dispatched on two-year active assignment, paid by the CDC, in various local and state health departments to become the eyes and ears of the CDC—an invisible intelligence network that watches for the tiniest clusters of disease, and, when the CDC deems appropriate, turns them into national emergencies. We saw this kind of cynical manipulation in the 1957 Asian flu epidemic. We saw it in the 1960s with clusters of leukemia, which they tried to make appear infectious. We saw that with the swine flu epidemic that never materialized, in 1976, and with the Legionnaire's epidemic that same year. And we've seen it more recently with Lyme disease, with Hantavirus pneumonia, and just one thing after another.
    Even after those two years, every member of the EIS becomes part of a permanent reserve officer corps for the CDC that could be called up in case of national emergency or time of war, to serve as officers of their respective ranks, with actual emergency powers. Today many of these people, by sitting in foundations, major companies, the new media, Surgeon General's office, and other key positions politically, act as silent advocates for the CDC, echoing the CDC's viewpoint whenever it needs support. So of course that's a very influential network, and I might add that as of about one year ago, because of too many outside requests for the membership directory of the EIS, the CDC has recently suppressed the availability of this directory. They no longer want people knowing what the membership is."-----
Bryan Ellison Interview

"1935 The Pellagra Incident. After millions of individuals die from Pellagra over a span of two decades, the U.S. Public Health Service finally acts to stem the disease. The director of the agency admits it had known for at least 20 years that Pellagra is caused by a niacin deficiency but failed to act since most of the deaths occured within poverty-striken black populations."---A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation

Several commissions, appointed during the first quarter of this century to investigate the cause of pellagra, concluded from their studies that pellagra was an infectious, contagious disease. Harris (1913) was able to inject Berkefeld filtered tissue material from pellagra victims into monkeys to cause a corresponding disease in these animals. He concluded from these experiments that a virus was present in the injected material and that it was the cause of pellagra. If the work of Harris had been followed exclusively, various strains of this "virus" might have been discovered and a vaccine, effective in experimental animals, might have been developed, as in the case of poliomyelitis. Today, as a result of unlimited research, however, we know conclusively that pellagra is not caused by a virus but rather that it is a vitamin deficiency disease. It is obvious that if the investigations of pellagra had been restricted to the virus theory, it would still be a mystery.
The general attitude of that period is expressed by Sachs (1911) in his statement: "In general, the epidemic occurrence of any disease is sufficient to prove its infectious or contagious character." The vitamin deficiency diseases, beriberi and pellagra, are outstanding examples of epidemic diseases that were formerly considered to be infectious and communicable according to the logic employed by Sachs. In fact, we find pellagra incorporated into the Public Health Law as a communicable disease in the State of Pennsylvania in the following rule and regulation adopted January 5, 1910: "That all physicians practicing within the limits of the state shall make immediate report of each and every case of uncinariasis duodenalis (hookworm disease) and pellagra and anterior poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis) occurring in their practice in the same manner that other communicable diseases are now by law and by rule and regulation of the State Department of Health reported to the health authorities.[1952] The Poison Cause of Poliomyelitis And Obstructions To Its Investigation by Ralph R. Scobey, M.D.

In North Africa there was an extremely high incidence of liver affections, almost invariably called "infectious hepatitis." There is no way to be certain that this diagnosis is accurate except that, as indicated by its name, it is transmissable. In the presence of actual cases of this type, and there is no doubt that there were many, the occurrence of another type of liver damage would readily be overlooked. Actually, as Dr. F. M. Pottenger, Jr., has found, there is excellent evidence that a great many of these cases were actually DDT hepatitis. [1950] Statement On Clinical Intoxication From DDT And  Other New Insecticides Presented before the Select Committee to Investigate the Use of Chemicals in Food Products, United States House of Representatives, U.S. December 12, 1950 by Morton S. Biskind, M.D.

"It became clear, also, what's happening in the field of hepatitis. They are not dealing with a virus. Of course, there's a possibility to enrich certain kinds of proteins in blood products, which then cause severe autoimmune reactions, but only in very stressed-out people, never in non-stressed people. When they learned to take out these proteins from the blood products, or dilute them, there are not hepatic problems anymore.....there's no such thing as infectious hepatitis (and no hepatitis viruses)."--[1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA

"Chiron did not spend 5 years creating its own virus for nothing.  Having patented the test for the virus...first step was a paper in Science, edited by Dan Koshland, Jnr, proff of molecular and cell biology at Univ of California at Berkely.  Edward Penhoet, chief executive of Chiron, also holds a (similar) position.  The NIH-supported virology establishment soon lent the full weight of its credibility to the hepatitis C virus camp....Chiron's test kit now earns some $60 million annually in this country alone (1996)....all this testing (raising the nation's medical costs) is being done for a virus that has never been isolated.....Chiron made an unrestricted donation of about $2 million to the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the Univ of California at Berkley that generates $100,000 in interest each year."---Peter Duesberg (Inventing the AIDS Virus.  Phantom Viruses and Big Bucks p83-87)

"It became clear, also, what's happening in the field of hepatitis. They are not dealing with a virus. Of course, there's a possibility to enrich certain kinds of proteins in blood products, which then cause severe autoimmune reactions, but only in very stressed-out people, never in non-stressed people. When they learned to take out these proteins from the blood products, or dilute them, there are not hepatic problems anymore.....there's no such thing as infectious hepatitis (and no hepatitis viruses)."--[1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA

"If you read the literature very carefully, you will find that, while there is a strong marker for the disease, there is no hard scientific evidence to support the existence of a hepatitis C virus. Clearly, a non-A, non-B hepatitis disease exists, but the science behind an associated virus is weak at best.  As a scientist I am compelled to ask, how can we vaccinate people against a disease-causing agent that has not been fully characterized?"---Dr Urnovitz

    Sencer had to do something fast. He immediately set up a "War Room" in Auditorium A at the CDC headquarters, and put the EIS network on full alert to search for any disease outbreak that might resemble the flu. Within weeks, the War Room received word of a pneumonia cluster among men just returning home from the Philadelphia convention of the American Legion. Several Philadelphia-based EIS officers and alumni had detected the outbreak, and acted as a fifth column that not only helped arrange an invitation for the CDC to come in, but also took their orders from the arriving team of CDC and EIS Officers. Even the New York Times staff writer sent to cover the story, Lawrence Altman, was himself an EIS alumnus.
    The CDC team allowed media rumors to circulate that this Legionnaires' disease was the beginning of the swine flu. Within days, Congress decided to pass the vaccine bill. Only later did the CDC admit that the legionnaires had not been infected by the flu virus, too late to stop the immunization program. Some 50 million Americans received the vaccine, leading to more than a thousand cases of nerve damage and paralysis, dozens of deaths, and lawsuits awarding almost $100 million in damages. In the ultimate irony, no swine flu epidemic ever materialized; the only destruction left behind by the phantom swine flu resulted from the CDC's vaccine.
    The agency later blamed Legionnaires' disease on a common soil bacterium, one that clearly fails Koch's postulates for causing the disease and is therefore actually harmless. The legionnaires' deaths are not so hard to understand, since the pneumonias struck elderly men, many of whom had undergone kidney transplant operations, and who had become particularly drunk during the Bicentennial celebration - the classic risks for pneumonia. Thus Legionnaires' disease" is not an infectious condition, but merely a new name for old pneumonias."---
Bryan J. Ellison