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The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic by James Bartley

[2007] Interview with Barbara Bartholic

Interview with Barbara Bartholic by Karmatoo |

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In the late ‘80s, an epidemic of methamphetamine addiction infected youngsters subjected to alien abductions. These individuals were living in a rather poor, rural community. This all-too-common side effect made me realize the aliens might be embarking on a serious drug program. Currently, the number one drug problem in the United States is methamphetamine. It’s called the drug of violence. Once you start, it’s almost impossible to stop. It wreaks havoc on families. This drug opens the user to extreme psychic abilities. I’ve seen users actually read the mind of another person. This drug allows open access, enabling the alien to possess and dominate the addict.  Users have reported obsessive interest in child pornography, viewing it nonstop for days. Most importantly, many of the children born to addicts appear to have a different brain pattern, and many are without empathy. It’s a ‘breeding out the love” program. Yes, addicts do seem to interact with the alien, non-human life forms. 2007 Interview with Barbara Bartholic

Quote from Barbara Bartholic's 2007 interview with Karmatoo: "We are confronted and confounded by an intelligence that has the ability to:
vacuum a car and its occupants right off the roadway and go unnoticed by all;
enter human minds or habitats day or night;
interfere with babies still in the womb;
abduct young children right from their beds or playgrounds undetected;
change the dynamics of relationships and love affairs;
cause disease;
create mental problems and drug addiction;
create wars and mutate generations as in their “Breed out the love” program.
These are just a few examples of the aliens’ abilities to modify human behavior and conditions. "
Interview with Barbara Bartholic by Karmatoo |

My deepest respect is for researchers, scholars and many abductees who thankfully remain safe and secure during their valiant attempts to understand the ever-enigmatic UFO phenomenon. However, people must understand that the researchers who promote the alien agenda prosper. They are almost always rewarded for their efforts. For example, Richard Boyland and Whitley Strieber are both very much alive, while Dr. Karla Turner, described as a modern-day ‘Joan D’Arc, lies silent in her grave.
    Those of us who reveal the darker side risk our lives on a daily basis. Many have died in the process, and have struggled with both financial and marriage difficulties and endless health problems. Not only have loved ones [of abductees who have come forward] died, but an alarming number of abductees I’ve personally worked with have just recently died of exotic brain tumors.
    Dean Warwick, the most recent researcher who decided to tell what he knew about the numerous missing children and underground bases, died on stage before he reached the microphone. This is a warning: once you step beyond the veil, you will never be the same. Take it from me—don’t go there! 2007 Interview with Barbara Bartholic

 The aliens know your deepest weakness, and they will attack with a vengeance. It was in one such scene that she was informed by an alien that she was in line for an ‘adjustment.” That’s when the process to terminate her life began in earnest; the murder began with psychological warfare. [2007] Interview with Barbara Bartholic


Ultimate Alien Agenda: The Re-Engineering of Humankind
James L. Walden (au); Barbara Bartholic (fr) ISBN: 156718779X
Publisher: Diane Publishing Co.
Publication Date: 1998
Book Condition: Very Fine

Description: One night, Walden was startled by a red-eyed alien creature at the foot of his bed. He was abducted & subjected to painful scientific procedures in an underground lab. Frightened & on the brink of suicide, he sought the help of a renowned alien-abduction researcher. Under hypnotic regression, Jim learned that he was an alien-human "hybrid." Here he shares his experiences, discoveries, & his astounding conclusion: aliens may not be gruesome creatures bent on destroying the human race. Rather, they may be our own ancestors, once revered by ancient human civilizations as reptilian gods. Now they are extensions of the human family, & they live in an alternate dimension here on Earth, working to preserve the planet. This is a remainder book which is new and never used. It may have a remainder mark on the edge of the pages. 220 pages. Printed in English. Bookseller Inventory # 0-7567-9598-2

Guest: James Bartley
Breaking away from her usual format of having a guest for 90 minutes, Lorien introduced her guest, James Bartley, a few minutes into the show and let him speak the entire 2 hours. Because of James extensive work over the years with abductees and milabs victims, Lorien and James had an abundance of topics to cover. The first part of the show Lorien asked James to discuss his mentor Barbara Bartholic who also mentored the wonderful Dr. Karla Turner. Both of whom where most likely murdered because of speaking out in the UFO community about the horrors of Alien abduction. Further into the interview James spoke of mind control, Reptilian Aliens, a malevolent alien agenda and so much more! This interview is sure to become a classic Fenton Perspective show. James and Lorien had so much to discuss that she's going to have him on again very soon to dig deeper into James research around the mind control and Super Soldier phenomenon.