Dean Warwick

[2006 Audio] Dean Warwick on 9/11 demolition, how to bring towers down with sound/infrasound (3.05 min), Bobby Kennedy assassination, abduction and ritual murder of children, and the shoot-down of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie (about 45 mins in.  "That plane was shot down."), Tsunami (52 mins), Whales beaching (53 mins).  Underground base under House of Lords (1hr 1min), Chemtrails (1hr 5min), UFOs going into water at Bantry Bay (1hr 8min) [Sourced: 2006 Audio]

Agent Buried Alive, The Autobiography of Commander James Casbolt (2008)

[2006] Whistleblower dies in suspicious circumstances on stage at UFO conference

Murder By Remote-Control?

Dean Warwick - part 1 

 In the taped interview with Dave Starbuck, he also revealed how and why seven survivors at Lockerbie were allowed to die from hypothermia. The reason, he said, was that the survivors knew that a terrorist bombing did not bring down Pam Am Flight 103, which went down in 1988 killing 270 passengers and crew. They were allowed to die, said Dean, because they knew that a missile not a bomb brought down the Jumbo jet and had they lived, would have been able to testify to this.  Murder By Remote-Control?

Dean Warwick- “I want to come to something which has perturbed me for some time and that's to do with the killing of the children. A release from the department of statistics of the United states government said that every year 150,000 children will in the United states, never be heard of again.

Three months later I got a similar report, which said that in central and southern America there will be 350,000. I did mathematics, I specialised in pure and advanced maths in university. That's not a coincidence. We’ve got 0.5% of the population in North America, 0.5% in central and southern America, that can’t be a coincidence”

Dave Starbuck- “No not at all”

Dean Warwick- “So one day I’ve got a suit that walks into my showroom and we get talking and he says that he’s got a meeting at the DSS offices. I say ‘You’d be interested in this and I tell him that I’ve got these reports and what the figures showed. I say we don’t have anything that like that in the UK. He says ’Oh yes we do’. He says ’ I will tell you who I am, I’ve been with this department for 30 years I’m now the head of it‘. He says ’ There's 20 to 25,000 children a year in the UK’. Sometime later I was watching television, it was the middle of the day and I see it as a news item and the lady comes on who’s a part of a group in London, I think there name was ‘The mothers of the disappeared’. She says that each year in the UK 120,000 children between the age of 10 and 23 will leave home and 80% will be found again. In other words 20% will be missing. Well 20% of a 120,000 makes 20,000 and confirms the figure this man had told me. So what's happening to these kids? I’m talking to a chief of police and he says ‘Your right about these kids, Dean! He says ’One year we recorded 40 (thousand) something had gone missing. He said ’The government came back at us and said, no you’ve got it wrong it’s 60 (thousand) something this year. I have it from a police officer involved direct from Dorset police. Every week they find 7 to 8 children in the New forest that have been slit around there necks, down there shoulders, their skin has been peeled off their backs and there flesh has been eaten into whilst they are alive. Now I think this has to do with what my grandfather warned me I would learn about later on (Earlier in the interview Dean had said his grandfather had warned him that when Dean was older he would come across a secret and it would destroy him) and it brings me to the Jessica and Holly event. Anybody who believes that Ian Huntley had anything to do with the killing of those kids wants their head examined”

Dave Starbuck- “Four years ago I did a presentation ‘Who really murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman’ and the response I had was so tremendous, which included two solicitors and a Barrister”

Dean Warwick- “What we have is Ian Huntley was there because, found in the tucks of his trousers were seeds from plants that were in this forest. He could have got them from anywhere, they could have been planted. This man is so dumb that he takes these bodies to this place, he strips them of their clothes and pours petrol on them to burn them. Well anybody who’s got half a brain knows that you would leave the clothes on to soak up the petrol and make the fire burn more. He takes the clothes back to the school, he gets out a bin from underneath the stage, puts the clothes in the bin and sprinkles petrol on them and sets them alight waits until there burned so far and puts the fire out with a hose. This is nonsense! We have the case of the lady who has tried to get a newspaper or to get any form of media to print her story. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know. The line is that she walked her dog in that forest everyday for 2 weeks before Jessica and Holly were discovered. She said military police were blocking the road”

Dave Starbuck- “That’s correct, yes I heard that from another source as well”

Dean Warwick- “And then we have the case of the runner who was interviewed outside the court whilst the case was proceeding against Huntley and he said for 3 nights he had been running and ran past those woods and he had heard girls screaming in those woods. Now my information of what happened to Jessica and Holly is as follows and it comes from high-ranking American military intelligence whom as far as I am concerned I believe. They are within government, they are deep within government, who they are what they is another story. Those girls bodies where treated with a set of talons and they were raped. Now whether this was part of a cult or it is a part of a transmutation of a presence is open to argument. I personally think that David Icke has got a point but he actually misses the point slightly and some of what we have got to do with reptilians and other entities is somewhere there but we’re not getting to it. But when we bring this back to the event of 7 to 8 (bodies) being found in the New forest and Dorset and this police officer tells that one of his associates is one who has to inspect the bodies, each time he is nearly suicidal with what he is finding”

Dave Starbuck- “I can believe that”

Dean Warwick- “It brings me back to a piece which occurs many, many times in the bible, ‘And they ate the flesh of the children in those days’ and there is a reason for that. I am fortunate in that I have a series of products which I do and I get into the homes of a lot of people. One client for example is fairly high up in British government scientific research. Now it is that in the biblical record and much of what Zacharia Sitchen has written of, he tells the story of how ‘Those who from Heaven to Earth came’ the Nephilem or the Annunaki which are refereed to in some parts of the Bible. They ate the menstrual fluid of there woman because from that they could derive the ability to read the mind of the person confronting them, they could communicate without speech and I will go along with and I want to explain later a little bit of what I did at university in New Zealand. When there comes the time for these people to leave and there are those who have come down to Earth and entered unto man’s woman and woman have begat giants and they have died in the process of giving birth, these people were left with a problem. That was where did they get the ingredient to give them the ability their woman had got. They had no ability to derive from Man’s women the ingredients by consuming the menstrual fluid of Man’s woman but they discovered that a terrorised human child whose flesh was eaten and this I have from this prominent scientific base and I won’t say where in the United Kingdom that “Yes, that is the answer to it Dean”. If that flesh is consumed it is flushed with the serotonin and adrenaline and it gives similar ingredients to allow them the ability they had of reading the mind and communication without speech. There are so many references to it in the Bible and the references should taken absolutely as written. It doesn't say they ate from the bones of children, it doesn't say they ate the skin of the children, it says ’And they ate the flesh’ and that means they had been skinned. It’s like the reference in the Bible, which is that supposedly Kain slew his brother Able. That’s not true, it does not say that. It says Cain ate Abel and as a result he was banished. Now I can’t think of anything worse than a child being terrorised to the extent that they would be and then consumed as I have confirmed by police forces who actually do the investigating. This may have something to do with what my grandfather told me when I was a child, that which I would learn later on in life and certainly I can’t think of anything worse than the experience a child would feel and think of when being subjected to this. Similar to this I public recently in documents that I have put out through Nexus that we have the inventing the guillotines appearing which is quoted in revelations 24. Thousands of them being brought into American military bases. What for? A senator stating this is a wonderful way to execute the death penalty, excuse the pun. But they don’t kill a hundred people a year in America so what do they need thousands of guillotines for? The congresswoman for San Diego whose publicly stated she has been to Japan and watched in the factory in Japan where they have been making these things”

Dave Starbuck- “Yes I have heard a report of this from elsewhere”

Dean Warwick- “Well it was actually reported on BBC radio in the middle of January in 2004 that a container load was being shipped into warehouse in the US at the rate of 300 per container load. Now I do have a theory, I can quite see that the callings some of the world’s so called top leaders like Kissinger has said publicly that we need to reduce the population of the planet by six and a half billion from seven billion. How are you going to get that number of people? Yes okay we can play games with the weather, we can do all sorts of things that we will have massive flooding and people will lose there lives because of global warming and the raising of sea levels etc. I have it that a farmer in Yorkshire was threatened by the police. Now I have to stop there and go back a bit because it was Gunderson who was the biggest metals fabricator in the world and he was interviewed on television about the fact that he had this contract with the American government to supply thousands of railway boxcars and that in each of these cars was room for 150 people. There is also the case of this British doctor and his family who were walking in a forest in Canada close to the American border and come upon a railway yard that has not been used for at least 10 years and there are 50 railway box cars. They open the doors and inside of each one there are the shackles with a gull tine at the head. Now I put it to you, just consider that you and I are shackled and I am put to the guillotine and you are left waiting to the following day. You’re going to be terrified”

Dave Starbuck- “You’re damn right!”

Dean Warwick- “So we get the similar condition as you are terrified the adrenalin the serotonin is running and we have in the ingredients in the body parts. Which is what this senator spoke of that it was a good way of execution and great way for getting body parts. But six and half billion people all over the world to be exterminated, it is such a big thing that the majority of people would say it is just nonsense. But that’s the point. You put something strait in front of somebody and that is the easiest way to conceal it. It was like the Germans re-arming for the Second World War. They could make guns, armament parts and bullets and they could dig holes in the ground and bury them but one thing they couldn't hide was the gun barrel. So what did they do? They had them erected sticking through the roofs of peoples sheds out the back of their houses and told them to light paper underneath them everyday. So the gun barrel was right there in plain view nobody released it was gun barrel they thought it was a smokestack”

Dave Starbuck- “Well this has been a policy of the New World order brigade for a long time. If you are going to hide anything hide it in plain view. I can speak with some authority on that. Before I got into journalism I used to earn my living a professional comedy magician. So I’m quite used to hiding things in plain view”  [2006] Whistleblower dies in suspicious circumstances on stage at UFO conference