Birkenau Sauna
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See: BedbugsA U.S. soldier is demonstrating DDT-hand spraying equipment. DDT was used to control the spread of typhus-carrying lice. Delousing buildings  Typhus

SourceJohn Ball's page here (shown below)

Workers waiting for inmates inside Sauna building (photo: 1943)

Sauna where inmates enjoyed hot showers and haircuts and could leave their
clothes for steam-cleaning to remove possible typhus-carrying-body-lice. (photo 1985)

Containers inside Sauna. After clothes were added and doors closed steam
was introduced to kill body-lice. (photo: 1997)

Hot air disinfestations chamber in the central sauna at Birkenau. The claim was later made that the peepholes were proof of the existence of an execution gas chamber. That this is not the case, was later admitted by J.C. Pressac. Porter, Carlos Whitlock

(52) The disinfestations installation at Birkenau (hot air system).