Birkenau delousing buildings
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[These are delousing buildings where you can see the Zyklon B staining on the walls and a huge amount of cyanide.  There aren't any stains on the so called gas chambers at Auschwitz I, and Birkenau (Auschwitz II)! and miniscule amounts of cyanide in the walls. You can't get a more obvious clue to the Auschwitz hoax than that!  These buildings are not on the tourist circuit either, no surprise there.  Testings done by Leuchter and Rudolf.]

Disinfection Building at Auschwitz-Birkenau

[2010] Three Interesting Numbers By Nick Kollerstrom

James Roth, director of a laboratory in Massachusetts, then testified on the analysis of the 32 samples, the origin of which he was unaware of: all the samples taken in the homicidal "gas chambers" contained a quantity of cyanide which was either unmeasurable or infinitesimal, while the sample from the disinfection gas chamber, taken for comparison's sake, contained an enormous amount of cyanide (the infinitesimal quantity detected in the former case can be explained by the fact that the supposed homicidal gas chambers were in fact morgues for preserving bodies; such morgues could have been occasionally disinfected with Zyklon B).The Zündel Trials (1985 and 1988) by ROBERT FAURISSON

Felderer discovered two delousing buildings in Birkenau, which he testified, were probably kept secret and off-limits to the public because they explained the so called "selection" procedure at the ramp by Dr. Mengele and other camp doctors. Males were sent to delouse in a separate building from the women and children. (19-4378 to 4381) The selection procedure also involved a visual determination of the health of incoming prisoners. It was in the interest of the camp authorities not to spread disease. If people were sick and needed to be treated, the camp had hospitals. (20-4765 to 4768)The Auschwitz Museum today did not deny that incoming prisoners were deloused. Hair was cut off from both males and females because it harboured lice. It was also saved and used for various manufacturing needs during the war. (19-4381) Hair on display at Auschwitz today, however, was depicted as being the hair of gassed victims. (19-4381, 4382)
    Felderer showed a slide of an outside wall of the delousing building in the women's camp which indicated a significant blue colour. Felderer was told by Auschwitz officials that the blue staining resulted from the use of Zyklon B. (19-4383) Felderer believed the colour got on the walls when mattresses which had been deloused inside the building were then taken outside for airing, leaned against a wall and beaten for a length of time to get any Zyklon B out of the material. The powder material which was the inert carrier of the Zyklon B would stick to the wall and produce the distinct blue colouration. Felderer noted that this blue colour was not found in the alleged gas chamber at Auschwitz at all. (19-4383, 4384)
    The delousing buildings, which were not open to the public, contained autoclaves used to decontaminate materials using steam. (19-4384, 4385) Rooms inside the building also indicated blue staining, which Felderer concluded was authentic and not simply painted on afterwards. Felderer told Zündel that the discovery of the delousing buildings was a tremendous step in their investigation. The blue staining was the Zyklon B mark and it was astonishing that this colour was not found in the buildings where it was claimed people were gassed to death using Zyklon B. (19 4376, 4387, 4388)
    Posters on the walls of the delousing building warned inmates that "One Louse Means Your Death" and "To be Clean is Your Duty." Felderer testified the Nazis were very fearful of lice because they brought great epidemics into the camps. (19 4392)  [Ditlieb Felderer] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

Building where clothing was deloused in Birkenau.[source]

Blue stains near door of disinfection building. [source]

Blue stains on the right were made by Zyklon-B [source]

Deloused clothing hung up outside the four disinfection chambers, April 1945. Dachau

Disinfection chamber with a door at each end, May 2001 Dachau

Early propaganda.

Delousing building, exterior w/cyanide stains

The above images are all from Ellis Island as it can be seen today, albeit only with special permission since what actually occurred in the southern part of the island, the quarantine area, is generally taboo. Ordinary tourists are NOT allowed to see these areas yet, and may never see them. Although tens of millions of dollars have been raised and spent for Ellis Island's restoration generally, the money to “restore” these areas of Ellis Island seems unavailable. The images are from the “laundry building” which also had a huge brick chimney (far larger than needed for any laundry). The images appear on the “Save Ellis Island” website. Although there are no identifying captions for these images, the image on the extreme left looks like a large crematory oven to perform at least two cremations at a time. The middle image shows what also looks like a crematory oven (on the left) for two cremations at a time. The image on the right is a typical autoclave for sanitizing laundry just as at Birkenau's “sauna” and elsewhere. If one had mislabeled these images as “images of Auschwitz,” few people would have any doubt that the images represented something “horrific” or “evil.”