Clones & Doubles  Music  Cher was replaced in the early 70's I believe...or even late 60's.

See: Bono, Sonny

The real CHER in 1965


Geffen, David 1973 - 1974 (dated) Cher and Geffin pics

Before and after (visual)

Sonny & Cher during a rehearsal break at ABC Television’s Wembley studios on 26 May 1966.

1965, 1966

1973 - 1974


Silence  Satanic Hand sign

Satanic Hand sign                                                                                   Kali

All seeing eye

Animal skin



On a roll: Cher, apparently wearing neck tape, was attempting to Turn Back Time at the London premiere of her new movie Burlesque last night

here's the Burlesque review, a classic:

"The choreography looks like a Las Vegas hooker’s attempt to plagiarise Bob Fosse, and is so atrociously edited that you can’t tell if anyone can dance or not.

But anyone who witnessed her ­startlingly crude, pre-watershed ­performance in The X Factor final will know her approach to dance is to wave herself at the camera in as ­sexually provocative a manner as ­possible, and her idea of a duet is to shout in a rival’s face.

Super-strident and transparently self-obsessed, she has all the fresh-faced, country girl ­innocence of Shane Warne.

The story tells how the world’s least likely ingenue turns around the ­fortunes of a destitute club in Los Angeles, run by a woman who appears to have siphoned off all the profits into tacky costumes, Botox and ­cosmetic surgery — that’s Cher, looking like a man in drag and sounding like one.

The scene where Cher becomes a caring, surrogate mother to Aguilera is a camp collector’s item; it’s clear neither woman can stand the other."