The Devil's claw/Lion's paw
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Annie Besant

A portrait showing a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) giving the craw hand sign.

Robertson, Pat   Time covers   poses on the cover of Time Magazine, and gives his Masonic pose (the "Lion's Paw") that refers to his secret society status and to show the world, subliminally, that he works for the Cult of Aton and not for Christianity. Time carried this image as Robertson was running for the US presidency.

Democratic Politician Al Gore making the sign of the Lion's Paw

Smith, Will


L.A. Reid

Sir Francis Dashwood (b. 1708 - d. 1781) Founder of the infamous and notorious Hellfire Club in England. Quite possibly a Jacobite secret agent. Rumored to have also been involved in the Rosicrucian movement and Freemasonry. The Hellfire Club was a secret society which engaged in depraved sexual orgies, drunkenness, Satanism, and held Black Masses. Members included prominent men of the British aristocracy, and the most influential politicians of the day.

Rollings, Henry