DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation)
 Orgonite    Orgonite terminology

As opposed to POR (Positive Orgone Radiation).   Electrical devices such as cell phone towers give off huge amount of DOR, which is their main purpose.  Orgonite will eat the DOR and convert it to POR.

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DOR Intentionally Wired Into My Home?

[EW Sept 2011] Seeing Death Orgone

10 Cables on tower in Tarvisio, Italy, the same as UK ones.  One tower in Birmingham has 24 cables.

When we first started gifting entire cities, Carol suggested dropping a single towerbuster every mile or so under the high tension wires that went through the cities and she watched the DOR from the powerlines turn into radiant blue orgone in each case, within a few minutes. I think DB was fond of doing that on his city-gifting sorties, too. It doesn't take much at all to get this done, though I think it's always very nice to deploy an 18, of course, when the inspiration strikes. ~Don

Apparently the chemtrails that seed clouds, like the first one you photographed, are innocuous material but the chemtrails that disappear instantly, like the second chemtrail along that flight path, are apparently the really poisonous, DOR-laden stuff. Cloudbusters disappear the latter quite fast but since the former are not DOR-laden, a cloudbuster doesn't actually interact with it, much. It seems obvious, at least to me, that the incessant spewing of harmless chemtrails is part of a psiops campaign, which might be why most of the chemtrails are like those and only a few are actually poisonous, any more.  It's possible that they keep trying the deadly chemtrails to constantly test whether orgonite will lose its effectiveness.   'Hope springs eternal,' even for fascist geoparasites, after all.
    Even the innocuous, seeded clouds disappear faster when all of the HaARP weaponry and death towers in a region have been turned into life force generators with orgonite but if you've seen Sylphs in your sky it means that the balance of the atmosphere is decisively positive, so no worries. Since Sylphs have even been photographed in the sky over London (thanks largely to you and Rich, no doubt) I'm pretty sure that they visit your skies even more often.
    The disinfo sites incessantly and noisily direct people's attention to the harmless seeded clouds, of course, and it's been a struggle for me to convince any of these frantic disinfo subscribers who email me that, before the middle of 2002, when chemtrails were still sickening and killing people internationally, chemtrails looked and behaved much differently.
    In those dark days, chemtrails destroyed all of the rain-bearing clouds within a few minutes, for instance, and they spread out  to meet each otther and white out the sky on their way down to the level of hte rain clouds.
    I try to convince people to notice that teh seeded clouds, rather, remain pretty coherent, instead of spreading out as before, and they even gradually disappear, as any other clouds will do.
    I think that the HaARPies created their present characteristic whiteouts after the middle of 2002 in order to scam the newly awakening PJ folks into assuming that chemtrails caused the whiteout but the difference with a HaARP whiteout (a very thick layer of cloud at around 20,000 ft altitude) is that rain clouds below that altitude remain unaffected.  The reason I said '20,000 ft' is because in 2003, when I flew across the country, I could see a whiteout layer being formed some distance below the jet I was riding in and we were about 25,000ft high at the time and climbing, according to what the pilot announced.  On that trip, I also saw a chemtrail jet, far below us, and the spew was sort of  brown when seen from above, not white Wink [EW July 2008] Tactical Orgonite Sales UK 

Carol and I apparently caused a major commercial nuke plant in Washington State to shut down just by spud-gunning a dozen TBs into the Columbia River where that plant was getting its cooling water.  The river wasn't easy to access around the nuke but it was within range of the spudgun, fortunately.  A couple of years before that, this was the nuke where we got definitive proof that orgonite puts out more healthy orgone in the presence of ambient poisonous energy.  Carol was nearly blinded by the 'bright blue blobs' of orgone that were suddenly flowing out of my orgonite-loaded truck as she followed behind me in the car, driving on the interstate past that nuke Cool
       A few months later, near a Florida nuke, we were at a beach, 20 miles north of the nuke, and the Terminator I was wearing on my belly was putting out a large fountain of bright orgone, which aroused Carol's curiosity. She then tracked the DOR source as coming from the south and we found that nuke plant on our little hunt after that.
        A single HHg in the bushes not far from the entrance of the plant halted the dark DOR field at that point, which marked, for Carol, a visual sphhere of DOR, surrounded by bright orgone.  They probably found the HHg, eventually, and did something to power up that plant becuase when we moved back there, years later, it took several water-gifting sorties, mostly with our boat, to halt the spread of DOR and to clean up the ocean in that vicinity. It was pretty bizarre and we're  still not aware of how they did all that.
         That nuke plant on Florida's coast got over a hundred TBs in all the surrounding water in our more recent sorties but it has kept working. At least it's not poisoning the surrounding environment, any more.  
         It's been pretty consistent for us, though, to 'turn off' the unregistered little underground nuke reactors by just tossing a TB or two in each of the rectangular, gravel-lined cooling ponds on site. I think those are the plants that provide power for the death towers adn HAARP arrays, though sometimes they apparently use ordinary ponds and rivers for this if the water isn't too mucky. [EW July 2008] From an Exemplary Gifter in New Hampshire

[EW Feb 2009] Tower Identification. By now, I think we safely assume that all standing towers are death transmitters and/or weather weapons.  Carol sees black energy emitting from even ordinary-looking television and radio station towers, so even those were weaponized.
   The way we evaluate what death transmitters do is that Carol looks at the dark energy emanating from them. Simply stated, the dark stuff is either aimed at people or at the atmosphere and most of these transmitters seem to be directional and coordinated with the rest.  Also, the death transmitters that are ordinarly aimed down at the population are evidently used to boost weather weaponry, now and then. I don't know if weather weapons are ever aimed at the populace but we'll keep her eyes open Cool .   Otherwise, we don't bother to name or categorize the dozens of types of death transmitters.

Fortunately, all standing towers are now weapons and need to be gifted. I often forget that when Carol and I go gifting, she simply looks at the energy signature of a tower to determine what it's being used for.  Towers and other structures that send dense, dark deadly orgone radiation up into the atmosphere are obviously for destroying the atmosphere's health in specific ways; towers that send that energy down at the populace are for hurting people, simply stated.  Those weird drum and horn transmitters out in the countryside seem to do a little of both. As a rule, many similar towers standing in relative proximity to each other are for weather warfare.
    All of the big shortwave broadcasting facilities, like the one Igor busted at the Vatican, are now weather weapons.  Anyone can know this because all shortwave broadcasts have been handled by satellites since long before we started doing this work.  the big arrrays that were set up in the 1950s as navigation aids are also now used for weather warfare, according to what Carol has seen on our gifting trips, but they certainly do also carry out the harmless navigationn broadcasts, as do those 'bowling pin' transmitters found at all the larger airports.
    This 'piggybacking' of weaponry on legitimate communication or navigation functions is pretty clever and it's apparent that busting their death-transmittting potential with orgonite won't affect any legitimate functions, after all.   By the way, the energy signature of regular communication and navigation tech isn't ugly at all.  I think the $#!+birds who preach the dangers of electromagnetism are mainly paid to persuade us to live like troglodytes, though it's kind of funny that some of these preachers are going after 'cell towers' now  .  Sure, 'All you need is a sharp stick and a loincloth,' but these preachers get a lot of money from the Rockefellers, drive cars, etc.
    ..If someone is intent on erasing HAARP from the sky it's essential to bust ALL of the towers in the region because we found out in Florida that the ordinary death towers also assist the weather weapons.~~~~Don Croft  ( Sept 2008)

Every standing tower in the world, pretty much, can be seen by energy sensitives and psychics to give off very dense, destructive dead Orgone radiation--the energy of death and decay. Ordinary communication transmitters, even the huge microwave transmitters, only gave off a little bit of that energy, if any, and all radio and TV towers were drafted into the HAARP network in recent years, so they're death transmitters. The difference between HAARP and your neighbourhood death tower is that HAARP shoots the DOR up into the atmosphere and the neighbourhood towers direct it down at the surrounding population. High tension power lines, even though they're known to kill people with cancer if they live too close, also only give off a little bit of DOR. That's why I call them 'death towers.' Most folks call them 'cellphone towers' but in fact any rational person understands that even primary cell transmitters require no more power than your apartment or house does, so the bundle of massive cables that run from the fortified blockhouses to the towers' death energy producing panels, rods, drums and dishes should be suspect. 'What Are 'Death Towers?'---Don Croft

"The regime's magic is based mostly on illusion, satanic ritual and a bit of electronics to assist the psychically challenged among their hierarchy, with a sort of cheerleading boost from ETs and reptilians, who need to have a much stronger DOR matrix in order to fully materialize here in their native forms, but it's rather under whelming and easily countered. This simple fact seems to be the Big Secret these days which MI6 hackers and associated astral terrorists/parasites are trying so hard to stop us all from discussing and enacting."---Don Croft