Professor Robert Faurisson
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[Robert Faurisson was educated at the Paris Sorbonne, and served as a professor at the University of Lyon in France from 1974 until 1990. He was a specialist of text and document analysis.]


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[1993 Robert Faurisson] Letter to Bradley Smith and David Cole on the gas chamber in Auschwitz - I

[2009 Jan] Interview Mourad Ouabass.

[2002] Robert Faurisson Interview by Phil Sanchez

Smith Interviews Robert Faurisson

[PDF 2005] Auschwitz: Auschwitz: Plain Facts Plain Facts Response to Jean-Claude Pressac With Contributions by Robert Faurisson, Carlo Mattogno, Germar Rudolf, and Serge Thion

[2004 pdf] R.H. Countess, Ch. Lindtner, G. Rudolf (eds.), Exactitude. Festschrift for Robert Faurisson to his 75th Birthday |
This Festschrift is dedicated to Prof. Dr. Faurisson to honor his achievements. It contains a collection of articles by several authors addressing various issues of scientific revisionism in general, Holocaust revisionism in particular, and biographic sketches of Robert Faurisson's scholarship over the decades. Happy Birthday, Robert! (This is a special print of contributions published also in The Revisionist no. 1/2004)

I n spite of the repression, revisionism will win  The Auschwitz swindle has had its day. As for the repression exerted by the swindlers, it is a sign that they have run out of arguments. They were asked for “one proof, one single proof” to back up their terrible accusation: according to them, for over four years Germany had perpetrated against the Jewish people a crime without precedent in the history of mankind and, for all that time, the whole world, except for a handful of “Righteous” ones, had remained indifferent to the unspeakable horror. At first, the swindlers provided an abundance of “evidence”, all of which proved to be fallacious, so much so that later, from 1979, they had to conclude that there was, after all, no need to prove the obvious! * It only remained for them to strike blows at the noncompliant and strike they did. They have struck in producing works where guessing vies with speculation, in the cinema as well as in novels, both with brainwashing and with physical violence, along with the unjust power of the law. All a waste of effort. Revisionism will win.

[2010 Jan] On Fred Leuchter by Professor Robert Faurisson,

[2010 Sept] A look back at my discovery, on March 19, 1976, of the building plans for the Auschwitz and Birkenau crematoria by Robert FAURISSON

[2014 Aug] Jewish Terrorism & the French Police: the Despicable Case of Forty Years of Brutal Harassment of Revisionist Robert Fourisson By Robert Faurisson

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The secular religion of “the Holocaust”, a tainted product of consumer society

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Is The Diary of Anne Frank genuine? by Robert Faurisson

A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel By Robert Faurisson

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[1994] Robert Faurisson Letter to Christopher Hitchens

[1994] Jean-Claude Pressac's New Auschwitz Book by Robert Faurisson

The Zündel Trials (1985 and 1988) by ROBERT FAURISSON

[1987] How Historian Gilbert Falsifies and Invents by Robert Faurisson

[1986] How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss by Robert Faurisson

FOREWORD to The Leuchter Report -by Dr. Robert Faurisson

WITNESS: The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988

[1988] Treblinka: An Exceptional Guide By Dr. Robert Faurisson

[1980] The Mechanics of Gassing by Robert Faurisson

The Robert Faurisson Critique of KL Majdanek. Eine historische und technische Studie

AUSCHWITZ: TECHNIQUE & OPERATION OF THE GAS CHAMBERS Or, Improvised Gas Chambers & Casual Gassings at Auschwitz & Birkenau, According to J.-C. Pressac (1989) by ROBERT FAURISSON

Confessions of SS Men who were at Auschwitz by Robert Faurisson

Robert Faurisson in a hospital bed following a nearly fatal attack by Zionist thugs on September 16, 1989.