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[Jewish historian.  Wrote a trash biography of Churchill.]

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The Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq war, UK)

[2016 July] Chilcot, Israel and the Lobby By Gilad Atzmon   In December 2004 Sir Martin Gilbert, while pointing out that the "war on terror" was not a third world war, wrote that Bush and Blair "may well, with the passage of time and the opening of the archives, join the ranks of Roosevelt and Churchill"

[2010] Waking up to Israel’s stranglehold over British politics By Gilad Atzmon  Whether Gilbert is a spin doctor, a hypocrite or a dimwit is not for me to decide. But one thing is clear beyond doubt: the man must be removed from the Chilcot inquiry immediately. We cannot allow a person who may be a charlatan or a spin doctor, one who communicates with settler radio stations, to judge on our behalf what the true events were that led to the Iraq war, which he himself supported

[2009] Ex- ambassador criticises Jews on Iraq inquiry  The former British ambassador to Libya, Sir Oliver Miles, has criticised the appointment of two leading Jews to the Iraq inquiry.  Sir Oliver drew attention to the appointment of Holocaust historian and Winston Churchill biographer Sir Martin Gilbert, and the war historian and ‘Blair doctrine’ architect Sir Lawrence Freedman, who advocated humanitarian intervention in Kosovo and Afghanistan.....He wrote: “Both Gilbert and Freedman are Jewish, and Gilbert at least has a record of active support for Zionism.

[2004] Statesmen for these times A leading historian argues that Bush and Blair may one day be seen as akin to Roosevelt and Churchill

[1987] How Historian Gilbert Falsifies and Invents by Robert Faurisson  British historian Martin Gilbert is a falsifier. While he is best known as the official biographer of Winston Churchill, he has also written several widely-lauded works on the "Holocaust." Gilbert, who is Jewish, staunchly defends the thesis of the so-called extermination of the Jews, an extermination allegedly carried out in particular by means of homicidal "gas chambers" and homicidal "gas vans." To defend this thesis he falsifies and invents.....More can be said about Martin Gilbert, about his ignorance of history, his dishonesty and even his empty productivity. On December 3, 1986, I wrote to him to ask for some explanations about the way he reproduced the Gerstein texts. He never answered.

Irving's Churchill biography promises to make trash of such authorized studies as that of Martin Gilbert (which has already been described in private by one Establishment historian as "footnotes to Churchill's war memoirs"). The publication of the first volume of Churchill's War later this year should be an historiographical event of the first importance. [1987] Irving on Churchill. Dismantling Churchillian Mythology by Theodore J. O'Keefe