Knights Templars

[Includes the Masonic outfit. Rosslyn chapel (the HQ of the Knights Templars) is only about 5 miles away from Gorebridge Alien Base Masonry, founded by Jacques de Molay, came out of the Templars as you can see just with the symbols.]

Jacques de Molay

See: Knights of Malta  Triple Tau

Cross and Crown
Cross of Lorraine
Double headed Eagle/Phoenix
Maltese cross
In hoc signo vinces
Skull & Bones

[vid] The Pharaoh Show [ENGLISH] (1 of 2) The Crusades: the last stronghold of the Templars Accon fell on may 18th 1291, only 2 and a half months later Switzerland was founded on august 1st 1291 - the time to get back on horseback in those days. So the Templar`s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the swiss banks were founded and all wars were being financed by ever since - and out of the templars came the freemasons. The Pharaohs are still there and are ruling the world through secret societies - "and the Pharaoh and his army disappeared in the sea" . . . the sea of peoples that is, through mixing they are amongst us on all key positions, and Switzerland is their biggest base; the home of the Templars. This is why their flag shows a simplified Templar`s flag in exactly the same colours. They did it.  2

[666] Garway Church dovecot

Illuminati Terrorists and the Cults of Death by URI DOWBENKO

Knight Templar Properties

The first headquarters of the Knights Templar, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Crusaders called it the Temple of Solomon and it was from this location that the Knights took their name of Templar. See: Triple Tau




Sodomic mind control

Asclepius  Star of the Order of Knights Templar. It is usually worn by Sir Knights on a piece of Regalia called The Baldric.

Chevron [Chevron]

IHS  [vid] The Pharaoh Show [ENGLISH] (1 of 2)

[vid] The Pharaoh Show [ENGLISH] (1 of 2)

[vid] The Pharaoh Show [ENGLISH] (1 of 2)

Templar Church [vid] The Pharaoh Show [ENGLISH] (1 of 2)

Cross and Crown [Cross and Crown]

Cross and Crown  A cross and crown laid upon a cross pattée inscribed with "In Hoc Signo Vinces" resting upon downward pointing swords in saltire is often used to represent the Knights Templar.

Medallions struck for York Rite, especially within the Knights Templar degree Order of the Temple, convey memorable symbols and references that remind the wearer of experiences gained in the degree.

Cross Of Lorraine [Cross of Lorraine]


Double headed Eagle [Eagle (double headed)]

Double-headed eagle in a Templar church on the island of Majorca, Spain.

Obelisk [Obelisk]

  [vid] The Pharaoh Show [ENGLISH] (1 of 2)

Maltese Cross [Maltese cross]

Masonic grave carving Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago

In hoc signo vinces  [In hoc signo vinces]

 Masonic Knights Templar symbol showing a cross within a crown inside a Maltese cross, which has the Latin phrase, “in hoc signo vinces.” The phrase means “in this sign you shall conquer” and was used by Constantine as a military motto in the early 4th Century. The phrase was also used by the original Knights Templar military order that was founded during the Crusades. The Freemasons began using Templar rituals and symbols in the late 1700s. mausoleum of Dr. J.G. Locke, Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

Skull and Bones 

headstone in a cemetery at Dunmoe Castle, outside the town of Navan in County Meath. The Dunmoe grave reads as follows: "Here Lyeth y body of Thomas Casserly who departed this life the 5 day of Aprel in the yeare 1722".

Templar Church [vid] The Pharaoh Show [ENGLISH] (1 of 2)

An authetic Knights Templar Antique from the late 1800′s.  It is a Skull & Bones Apron, linking the apron of the Freemasons to the Skull & Cross Bones of the Knights Templar. No longer used among Knights Templars, this velvet apron has become highly sought after by Sir Knights and collectors. It is a beautiful piece, the black velvet a symbol of our mortality, the skull symbolizes Golgotha (the place of the skulls) where Jesus died, and the bones are in the shape of the passion cross (how Jesus carried his cross).
Death's Head (Skull & Bones)






The Exxon X or cross is the exact same as the Patriarchal Cross. “It’s the insignia of the officers of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templars of the United States. The same cross place on a slant is the insignia of all possessors of the Thirty-third Degree in the Ancient and Accept Scottish Rite.” Slavisa Pesci, an information technologist and amateur scholar, who says superimposing the “Last Supper” with its mirror-image throws up another picture containing a figure who looks like a Templar knight ..The Templar Knights were reptilians or sirian R hybrids.. Da Vinci was famous for his mirrored writing.. however, he used it also to hide the truth.. in the mirrored painting Pesci says there is a baby being held.. yes, there are two.. white objects held by the two kreepy individuals either side of the TEMPLAR KNIGHT.. Satanism... utilizes occasionally sacrificies of baby humans.. inorder to perpetuate their shapeshifting and deception to humanity..