Triple Tau

Triple Tau, Visable Mark of the Beast by David Jay Jordan

'The Triple Tau represents the Temple of Jerusalem'

Remote Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for "Temple". Notice also the Tau hieroglyph formed by the space above the Temple [2009] Freemasonry: The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians

The Collar displaying the Triple Tau, which represents the Temple of Jerusalem, within the Great Pyramid. Both are examples of the Sacred Summit "Templum Hierosolma" encoding the Secret of Precession. [2009] Freemasonry: The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians

Masonry York Rite. Symbol of the Royal Arch Masons.

The compound character known as the triple tau is one of the Royal Arch’s emblems. A triple tau is literally “three Tau’s,” the tau being the nineteenth letter in the Greek Alphabet. The triple tau of Royal Arch Masonry consists of 3 Ts linked in the centre joined at their base.  This mystical character can be signified in a few different ways. First, the names Hiram of Tyre and Hiram Abif appear in the Phoenican language with the same letters “H” and “T” as they do in English. Therefore, the Triple Tau takes on the interpretation of the initial letters in Hiram Abif’s name.

Symbol on the outside of the old Sheffield Masonic Hall, Surrey Street, Sheffield. Symbol of the Royal Arch Masons.

The Triple Tau its also the H letter of the IHS acronim of the jesuits!
T=20; Tx3=60