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A Brief List of the Conveniently Deceased

by Thomas Kues

Below I have compiled a list of former NS bureaucrats and camp personnel who after the war died in a fashion which could be described as “convenient” to the upholders and propagators of the officially sanctioned Holocaust narrative. They are all individuals who must have had insight into the truth regarding the “Final Solution” and the alleged gas chambers. A number of them are also known to have denied the existence of such killing facilities. Most of the listed people committed suicide, many of them under mysterious circumstances. The author of this article does not suggest that all of them were assassinated. Some of them may indeed have ended their own lives, for some reason or other. In any case, their deaths no doubt came convenient for certain people. It is my hope that this list will spur new research into some of the individual cases.

The above list should by no means be considered complete.

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