Evil  Sex

[Making misery and money out of lust.  They start by Suppressing sexuality.  Hookers take your energy (see Tantra) while despising you (and themselves, see: Tone scale), lap dancers steam you up with no outlet (increases rape, & masturbation loses you energy).  Porn does the same while causing depression and creating impotence.  Alfred Kinsey was instrumental in loosening sexual morality. One of the main earners for the ruling Psychopaths (see also: Authoritarians). Another missing part of Sex Inc is Dope Inc. Read: Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy by David and Linda Howe.  The sooner they can get you into sex, the better for Sex Inc, hence Sexualizing children and Sex (sleazy, promiscuous)Wellcome set up AIDS by selling Poppers (a sex drug) which increased sex use (while depleting immunity). Sexual energy is also food for the parasitical Reptilians.]

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[pdf 2007 Interview] Judith Reisman
The Global Trade in Sex Slaves

Alfred Kinsey

Sex Inc
Big Pharma
Celebrity porn tapes

Dope Inc
Honey trapping
Lap dancing
Sexualizing children
Sex (sleazy, promiscuous)

Sex Trafficking

Suppressing sexuality

Henry Makow Ph.D.  
Dr. Judith Reisman 
Gail Dines
Dr Lasha Darkmoon

[2000] Sex As Nature Intended It: The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love, but No One Could Tell You Until Now by Kristen O'Hara
[2010] Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America by Judith Reisman  How billions made by the "Sex Industrial Complex" propelled pornography and the spread of STDs.
Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy by David and Linda Howe.
[2011] Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm by Nicole Daedone

"The New Totalitarians"by Roland Huntford