[Sexcrime. Tantra is dyadic yoga, White Tantra without sex, Red Tantra with sex (called Sexual Kung Fu in China). Black Tantra is anal sex. The main secret is semen retention, from not at all as practiced by Mantak Chia, to the once in 10 sessions (less as you get older) recommended in The Tao of Loving.  Kept secret for thousand of years, it's one reason why there is friction between couples--the man realises he is losing energy so cuts down on sex, while the woman feels she is gaining something so wants more (an attraction of Prostitution).  Good sex raises the energy to the Heart, creating the feeling of Love, which would destroy Authoritarianism (and Authoritarian Religions, Sex Inc and Atheism).  The best introduction is SECRETS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY By DAVID AND LINDA HOWE.]

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Mantak Chia

Healing with Sexual Energy – 6-part overview article, also in Nexus Magazine April & June 2007

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Much of the alchemical literature of Europe now appears to be a coded tradition of drug-and-sex programming.
....This code is especially notable in The Chemical Marriage of Christian Rosycross (1615), which forms the visible link between traditional alchemy and modern Rosicrucianism. The mystical rose and cross from which the Rosicrurians take their name are, in fact, no more or less than the vagina and the penis, respectively...(For the curious, here is the rest of the traditional symbolism, as given by Louis T. Culling in his Manual of Sex Magich Cucurbit—the vagina; retort—the same, during copulation; eagle—the vagina, or the female mouth, depending on the context; lion—the penis; transmutation—the sexual "peak experience"; elixer of life—the semen; quintessence—the semen as transmuted by ritual and ecstasy.) ----Sex and Drugs by Robert Anton Wilson p66

The trick is: First go on teaching that love is great, so people never think that the priests and the politicians are against love. Go on teaching that love is great,, that love is the right thing, and then don't allow any situation where love can happen. Don't allow the opportunity. Don't give any opportunity, and go on teaching that food is great, that eating is a great joy; "Eat as well as you can"—but don't supply anything to eat. Keep people hungry and go on talking about love. So all the priests go on talking about love. Love is praised as highly as anything, just next to God, and denied every possibility of happening. Directly they encourage it; indirectly they cut its roots. This is the masterpiece. The Fundamental Slavery by Osho

Anal intercourse is the Tantric equivalent of such Hatha Yoga practices as Mulabandha (anal sphincter lock), and Asvini Mudra alternating relaxation and contraction of the anus).
The secret tradition of magical Tantra teaches that the anus is an ultrasensitive erogenic and psychic zone directly linked the Muladhara, the basal Chakra. Hidden within Muladhara, Boiled and compressed like a spring, lies the primal power of the nervous system manifest as the Snake Goddess, Kundalini.
    The terminus for the "pipe of flesh" is the anus, composed of an internal anal external sphincter, rings of muscle surrounding a body orifice. The word "sphincter" means a "knot" or a "band" and is derived from the same Greek base as "Sphinx," the mythological beast epitomizing occult mysteries. The master of Tantric sex magic opens the anal sphincters of his Shakti, thus solving the riddle of the Sphinx.

nal intercourse is a specific Kundalini arousal method. Reference to Gray's Anatomy reveals the existance of an irregular, oval-shaped gland between the rectal wall and the tip of the tailbone, or coccyx, called the "coccygeal body.'' Although the function of this gland is unknown to
    Western physiologists, it is established in Tantra as the "Kundalini gland." Yoga has devised a wide variety of techniques to irritate and awaken this gland into activity, including Mula Bandha, Asvini Mudra, Tada Mudra (knocking the buttocks upon the ground, sending rhythmic shock waves rippling up the spine), and rolling on a cotton ball placed under the tip of the tailbone.
    Tantric activation of the gland is direct and swift through the dilation of the anal sphincters, with a consequent reflex effect upon the two branches of the autonomic nervous system. These two branches, terminating in the anus and rectum, are the parasympathetic (Ida, or braking influence) and the sympathetic (Pingala, or accelerating influence). As well as altering the state of the involuntary nervous system, anal intercourse, according to traditional belief, results in the ejaculation of semen into the rectum, which nourishes the "Kundalini gland" much as the white of an egg feeds the fertilized yolk or embryo. The Tantrist, sustain­ing his Shakti or Goddess with anal intercourse, facilitates the arousal of her internal fire.
    The Occidental mentality is conditioned to look upon the anus as unclean. The Hindu, on the other hand, is scrupulous in hygiene at both ends of the "pipe of flesh," having a firm tradition of rinsing the anus after bowel activity, using copious quantities of water and the left hand (the right hand being reserved for handling food when eat­ing!). Certain schools of Hatha Yoga consider washing the bowel daily with water through a system of natural enemas (Basti) as much a necessity as cleaning the mouth and teeth. Tantric practices may be viewed by some as "pervert" or "deviate," and in terms of the inner meaning of words, they are. "Pervert" means "to overthrow," "to turn around," while "deviate" (de and via, the way or path) suggests  "off the road," "out of the way." (Ecstasy through Tantra by Dr. Jonn Mumford p61)

You remember Aleister Crowley. He was a 33rd degree Mason. I talked to Bill Schnoebelen one time and asked him, “Where did the Masons get the sodomy?” and he said, “It came by Aleister Crowley from black magic Hinduism.” Well, that isn’t the only place it came from. Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

"Most religions have been inspired by God the Moralist Dictator, who invariably banished the pleasures of sensuality, eroticism, individual luxury and free art. These taboos are comprehensible because a citizenry that pursues pleasure will tend to pay less attention to domestication and the self-sacrifice that benefit society. The Eastern and Mideastern empires reserved luxury, art, sensuality to the aristocracy.--T. L.

Christianity is alone in thinking that sex is entirely the Devil's business and an offence to God, This is a strange doctrine and almost implies that God and the devil must have collaborated on the creation of humanity, God working above the belly button and the Devil below(166).-Robert Anton Wilson

The average American male reaches orgasm in one and a half minutes, and usually performed in a dark room, so that it ca be finished furtively before the sex-hating Christian God has time to notice what is going on(167).-Robert Anton Wilson

" Heaven and Earth have their opening and closing. Yin and Yang develop from each other. Mankind is created through the union of Yin and Yang and embodies the sequence of the seasons and elements. If one abstains too much from sexual union, then one's Spirit will not develop; since the harmonious interchange of Yin and Yang energies will have ceased. Through regular practice of Healing Love, it is possible to derive great benefit to one's health from the enjoyment of the senses, through sexual intercourse ". - Yi Shen Fang SECRETS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY By DAVID AND LINDA HOWE.

These fundamental errors mean that modern sexology has not realized that sperm is the source of erectile power. It is not the nerve endings at the penis head, nor the blood supply that creates the power to erect the penis. A continual loss of sperm through repeated ejaculation in every act of sex, brings about a hormonal deficiency crisis in every male. This faulty way of loving robs the entire biological mechanism of the body of hormones, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which are vital to erectile power and potency; and the physical and emotional health of the individual. SECRETS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY By DAVID AND LINDA HOWE.

The casual complacency displayed by doctors when they talk in term; of 'how many times a man can make love in one session', etc., clearly shows that they are ignorant of the higher function of sperm, which is to generate and store sexual energy - orgasm energy. SECRETS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY By DAVID AND LINDA HOWE.

Sexual Chi Gung - (Chi means Vital Energy, Gung means skill gained through knowledge and practice), is little known in the West; although it comes from the same source as Acupuncture and Tai Chi Chuan, which have become increasingly popular and are of Taoist origin. Tao is not a religion or a ritualistic moral code. Tao, or more correctly ... Tao Te Ching, is a natural science which studies the transformation of energy in nature and the universal laws that govern it. It can be translated as 'The Way of Nature and the nature of It's Power'.SECRETS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY By DAVID AND LINDA HOWE.

 Ironically, the current communist regime in China has all but destroyed knowledge of the Taoist bedroom Arts, by forbidding the circulation of Pillow Books. SECRETS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY By DAVID AND LINDA HOWE.

Since the 'flood of the red tide' in 1949, Mao Tse Tung's communist rule in Beijing violently and fundamentally reconstitutionalized the Chinese sexual mentality; and tragically resurrected the 'Beast' of sexual suffering. Ironically, the current communist regime in China has all but destroyed knowledge of the Taoist bedroom Arts, by forbidding the circulation of Pillow Books. The highly practical, no-nonsense Sex Manuals such as the 'Classic of the Plain Girl', which were part of every married couples bedroom, have been replaced by an officially sanctioned booklet, sedatively entitled 'Information on Sex'. It contains puerile dictatorial propaganda such as: "People should not; commence intercourse until the age of 25. After marriage, couples may indulge in intercourse once or twice a week for the first few months. Later, as familiarity and age increase, sexual desire declines and one should have intercourse no more than 2 or 3 tines per month. The best remedy for suppressing sexual desire is abstinence and correct political thinking".! These sexually repressive doctrines have not been without serious consequences. Sexual discord between me: and women has led to problems of marital violence, frigidity, impotence, homosexuality and other disturbing social phenomena, which were rarely heard of in China prior to 1949. SECRETS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY By DAVID AND LINDA HOWE.

Every organ pays heavy tribute to the glands that produce the sexual seed energy. The reproductive glands receive the essential elements of sexual energy from the blood. The blood withdraws the precious vitality of the life-force (Chi) from the organs and glands of the body, including the bone marrow, spinal fluid and brain. In a scientifically literal sense, sperm originates from the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain. Semen derives some of it's essential nutrients from the cerebro-spinal fluid. This is why constant sperm loss causes backache.- Not many people know that! Backache in women is often caused by orgiastic congestion, through lack of lengthy bouts of deeply fulfilling penetrative sex. Clitoral orientated orgasm gives temporary relief, but is accompanied by loss of sexual energy because it is a short-lived outward flowing orgasm; not a long lasting inward flowing total body orgasm, ( not orgasmic genital gratification). SECRETS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY By DAVID AND LINDA HOWE.

The whole construct. I'd been taught by Irish Jesuits, who are very clever. They made up multiple layers of rationality for the whole Catholic structure. The nice thing about Catholicism, however, is that it teaches you what to believe. So when you throw it over, you know exactly what you're throwing over. You can say, "I /don't/ believe in the Father Almighty," and continue right through the
    Apostles' Creed, the Confiteor, and the rest of it, tossing out one tenet at a time.  I believe in God, but not in the "Catholic God," who is vengeful.  There's the whole business about guilt, "impure thoughts," going to hell if you don't do what the church commands. One way this was solved for me, intellectually if not emotionally, was by reading the "Grand Inquisitor" chapter of Dostoevsky's /The Brothers Karamazov/in which Christ comes back to Earth. The Grand Inquisitor tells him, "When we saw those miracles in the street, we knew you were back.But this time we're not giving you any publicity. We're keeping you in this cell. We know how to run these people now." That just knocked the church right out of me, and by the time I was finished with Caltech, medical school, and psychoanalysis, that belief system was pretty well cleaned out of me. John Lilly