Smallpox vaccine heist 2002
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[This was a big 'scare' around 2002, part of the Terrorism hoax.  Nice earner for the bandits---a useless vaccine: 32 million worth of smallpox vaccine just in UK!  Not bad for one that was never used.  Nice earner for bandit Evans Vaccine (now in House of Lords!), it pays to give money to New Labour.
    The USA smallpox vaccine was never used after it caused
Eczema Vaccinatum in some children with eczema, and since a huge % of the population has eczema they withdrew it, and suddenly the smallpox threat was no more!  Just like that, never heard of again!!  See  O'Shea, who has the horrific pictures of those kids.] 

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[2009 July] Vaccine leaves nurse disabled. Nurse fights hospital over smallpox shot  "I lost a career that I loved. I lost my identity. I lost my independence. I have been made out to be a malingerer, a fraud, by my employer. I have spent most of the past six years ... trying to be heard." ....Had her health difficulties been reported to federal authorities within one year of the vaccination, all of her medical and related expenses would have been covered under the Smallpox Emergency Personnel Protection Act of 2003, established specifically to compensate health professionals who put themselves at risk. Good Samaritan, however, never informed her of the program, and there is no appeal for missing the filing deadline, she said.

[2002] "But smallpox was, or is, a terrible, virulent disease. It kills one out of every three of its victims. There is no cure."--CBS Media  [Note: A lie. That is a 33% case mortality, which may be something the Allopaths achieved with revaccination in Japan, but in vaccine free Leicester it was 1-5%, and Leicester was one of the most poor lying and crowded cities in England.]

[Media July 2002] Britain 'Bought Wrong Smallpox Vaccine'

[Media April 2002] Labour claims unravel over vaccine deal  Professor John Oxford, a world renowned expert on vaccine science, told The Telegraph that there was "no medical reason" why the vaccine made by the donor's company had been chosen over rival products.

Parliamentary Ombudsman Investigations Completed July 2003 - June 2004 Department of Health Refusal to provide information about the awarding of a contract to supply a stock of smallpox vaccine
Ms Branigan originally asked DoH for a number of pieces of information relating to the awarding of a contract to PowderJect Technologies PLC to supply a stock of smallpox vaccine. She then asked 17 Government Departments, including DoH, for information relating to contacts between their respective Ministers and representatives of PowderJect. Finally, she asked DoH for several pieces of information relating to the work of the sub- group of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which had given advice on the choice of the particular smallpox vaccine strain. DoH declined to release most of the information sought by Ms Branigan and cited a number of code exemptions in justification. After a protracted investigation, beset by DoH delays, the Ombudsman recommended that almost all the information sought by Ms Branigan be released. Following a further exchange of correspondence, DoH agreed to the release of information which had already entered the public domain but either refused to address the remaining recommendations or refused to release the information recommended for disclosure. The Ombudsman criticised the manner in which DoH had handled Ms Branigan's information requests and for their failure to engage effectively with her own investigation.

[2009 may] Politics, Profits & Pandemic Fear Mongering by Barbara Loe Fisher  A "public health emergency" has become an excuse to grease the skids and rush to market experimental drugs and vaccines that are not subject to product liability in the civil courts............The stampede in 2001/2002 to re-write long standing public health laws in this country was fueled by reports that terrorists were in possession of weaponized smallpox and anthrax, a fear that was fostered by U.S. government officials and New York Times journalists reporting Iraq had secret stockpiles of weaponized smallpox and anthrax. This myth played a role in public support for the U.S.-Iraq War and persuaded Congress to pass Bioshield and pandemic influenza vaccine legislation that gave billions of dollars to vaccine manufacturers, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to create experimental bioeterrorism and pandemic flu vaccines while protecting drug companies and doctors from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths that will occur.