The Pharma Bandits
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[These ones are Covert, not the ones that live on the outside and burgle your house (the drug bandits arrange that), but the 'friends' inside the house, that rob you in your sleep.  While claiming to be saving your life with their quack medicines like vaccination, they are more likely to kill you, accidentally mind (Benefits Outweigh the Risks they call that), while claiming to be saving your life.  The ones who know they are robbing you have no conscience, aka Psychopaths, the more numerous of their employees actually believe their propaganda , and aren't aware they are working for mafia bandits.  They have been hypnotised or conditioned and have fooled them selves [See: Rationalization].  Like the Columbian economy is run on Cocaine, the ones in the West are run on pharma drugs.  The Pharma Bandits are also, like the Church in the old days, used as the main agent of control.  The bandit that can create the most fear is always respected, and the pharma bandits are experts at that. [See: Fearmongering]
    Most of Allopathic bandit medicine is unnecessary and replaceable with others medicine such as
Nutritional Medicine. [See: Suppress alternatives].  Consequently all of vaccination is a robbery, with the childhood vaccines compulsory, so they managed to make robbery 'legal'.  Then with the other ones they make yearly forays while you sleep with old dependables such as flu vaccine and then the odd exotic comes along combined with some other drug such as Tamiflu.  No bandit ever has enough money, they just get bigger stomachs and vaults to put it all in. 
    People who can't see this tyrant, or the other ones are called Pyjama People (PJs).
    Of course every bandit likes to appear close to God so they create or buy out charities to extract any bits of gold they missed through the raid by the legislature.  The more you can make compulsory, the better, eg vaccination, and the Ritalin raid is going well---the more they can addict the better, as that is a life long revenue without the hassle of frightening you into taking it again and again.
    You can forecast a raid when you hear them shout, not 'stand and deliver' anymore, but words such as 'Spanish', 'Flu', 'killed', 'millions', 'die', epidemic', 'HN51', 'Bird flu', 'SARS', 'smallpox, 'anthrax', etc. (See: Daily Fearmongering.)   The white collar bandit called the
CDC is in charge of these raids, usually to sell vaccination.   It conjured up the AIDS Heist out of next to nothing. 
    Bandits go by the euphemism "experts", usually, and you can spot the same ones leading the raid on your pocket, or your mind to soften you up.  If a woken person gets too noisy or a threat to income then you can always ask Government bandits to sort him out. Eg The
FDA bandits.] 

[1918] Spanish Flu massacre  [This made sure everyone was terrified of viruses (mind viruses), which could have been the main purpose of this raid. See: The Secret History Of The Atomic Bomb by Eustace C. Mullins.]

Book on pharma bandits
[1949] The Drug Story by Bealle, Morris A

Church Bandits
Medical Charities

FDA [Food and Drug Bandit.  This controls the market for bandit products, especially drugs.]
CDC [Disease Control Bandit.  This Bandit makes sure everyone is frightened of infectious disease so they can sell bandit products, mostly vaccines.]

Great Heists
Pharmaceutical Medicine Hoax
Swine flu heist and massacre [They couldn't fool the pig farmers so they got the President bandit to sell this one.]

Heist in progress [Sales of Tamiflu 2006--- $2.11 billion. UK Jan 2007: 14.6m doses of Tamiflu at a cost of 120m as well as 3.7m doses of H5N1 vaccine.]
[2014] Ministers blew 650MILLION on useless anti-flu drugs: Cash spent on stockpiling treatments that 'worked no better than paracetamol'
Swine flu vaccine heist
Bird Flu Heist [Vaccine and drug heist.  The chief bandit of Poisons Bandido Rumsfeld,  is working a nice personal earner on this one called Tamiflu.  He increased income significantly by forcing
                        Aspartame onto the market.  What a bandit!  He is the Chief bandit for foreign raids, like Iraq.]

Minor Hesist
Flu (yearly winter raid)
Smallpox Heist 2002 (expect around wartime.)

"There are two viruses going around at the moment; one is avian flu and the other is the fear of avian flu."--Patrick Holden, of the Soil Association