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[Video] Coffee with Bradley Smith : EDUCATION OR SUBJUGATION?   03 March 2010.(6:30 min). Smith addresses the opinion piece by UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin, published in the Badger Herald on 02 March. He questions the Holocaust ideology maintained by the professorial class whereby the professor holds absolute authority over what questions students can ask and cannot ask about the Holocaust without putting themselves at risk of self-destruction.

In the article, Faurisson wrote about a claim by the former commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess that the Jewish workers would smoke and eat as they removed bodies from the gas chamber. Faurisson's point was that if these people entered a gas chamber which was still full of gas without wearing gas masks, according to the man who was directing the programme, this alone went to the falsity of the story. Smith was struck by the fact that the claim was being made that Jewish workers, not just one time but endlessly repeating themselves, would go into a gas chamber - the bodies covered with excrement, urine, menstrual blood, vomit and various other things - while eating and smoking cigarettes. The image, to Smith, was esthetically so disgusting that he didn't believe it. He did not believe that Jews would do that day after day, and he didn't believe any human being would do it day after day. (22-5534 to 5536) Bradley Smith

Smith estimated that he had spoken on radio to about 150 Holocaust survivors directly, or people who claimed to be survivors. Smith personally no longer believed in a policy of extermination. Bradley Smith

Pearson asked if Dr. James J. Martin denied the Holocaust. Smith replied that nobody "denied the Holocaust" and asked if Pearson wanted it explained to him again. This was a newspeak term, said Smith, that was used to make the revisionist position seem ridiculous. It had worked for a long time but one of the things Smith did for the IHR Media Project was to gradually disabuse people of this and have them look at the affair more closely. Bradley Smith