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[You can glean the true nature of the Elite by the targeting of children with a visible effort to place masts next to schools.  Withdrawn vaccines are dumped on the third world eg MMR Urabe and the mercury vaccines while the mercury is now given to pregnant mothers in flu vaccines.  Amazingly at least 3.6 million children are on 'kiddy coke'---ADHD drugs in the United States, 1.6 million of those are taking more than one psychiatric drug in 2005." [Ref]  Not to mention the State killing of Palestinian children and the Depleted Uranium radiation of Iraqi children.]

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[2003/4 AIDS drugs] Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) (New York’s Washington Heights )

[Interview Aug 2008 DR. FRED BAUGHMAN] ADHD fraud and the chemical holocaust against a generation of children

Orange are once again riding roughshod over the precautionary principle with regard to children with their plans to appeal a decision not to let them place a mast next to the playing fields of Oakview School in Loughton. After a long campaign 02 and Vodaphone were ordered to remove a overbearing mast in Gateshead last year, yet to the astonishment of residents have now made a planning application to restore it.  MAST SANITY NEWSLETTER JUNE/JULY 2008

In the year 2000, the US Department of Health and Human Services received 3 million reports of child maltreatment involving 5 million American children. Approximately 879,000 children (of the 5 million reported) were confirmed victims of child maltreatment, comprising neglect and medical neglect (63%) , physical abuse (19%), sexual abuse (10%), and psychological maltreatment (8%). These numbers do not include the 400,000 children who were paddled that year - legally paddled - in American schools. How Adults Can Survive A Childhood of Violence and Untruth 01/04

Fifth, with respect to the myth’s claim, “by 2002 no new childhood vaccines with Thimerosal were being sold in the U.S.,” this is also false because, among other Thimerosal-containing vaccines that could be given to children in 2002, the Thimerosal-preserved influenza vaccine, which, by its nature, is a new vaccine every year, was effectively knowingly added to the recommended vaccination schedule for pregnant women as well as to the recommended childhood vaccination schedule in April of 200228 at a time when all doses of the influenza vaccine approved for “healthy children aged 6–23 months” were Thimerosal preserved.
Sixth, compounding the harm, in April of 2002, the CDC’s recommendation that the Thimerosal-preserved influenza vaccine be given to pregnant women who would be in their second and third trimesters of their pregnancies during the influenza season, thereby knowingly recommending the Thimerosal and mercury poisoning the developing child in utero when the risk of harm is even greater than it is postpartum and the results published in 197729 clearly found that Thimerosal-preserved influ vaccines that were given to pregnant women significantly increased (with a hospital-standardized relative risk of 2.0 or higher) their children’s risk of serious birth defects (cleft palate [RR = 7.1], microcephaly [RR = 2.3], and pyloric stenosis [RR = 2.0]). Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation, Thimerosal, and autism-related research----Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D & P.G. King PhD

The recommended AZT dose for African infants and small children is the same per kg of body weight as the original high-dose AZT that is widely acknowledged to have killed an entire generation of grown men, and which has not been administered for almost a decade [Jan 2007] The WHO's Blueprint for Genocide

[Sept 2006] FDA in Third World Drug Trial Scandals
Experimental tests are conducted in developing countries on sick and vulnerable children under the guise of free and ethical treatments sanctioned by the FDA and complicit medical institutions.

[2008] 12 Babies die during vaccine trials in Argentina
According to pediatrician Ana Maria Marchese, who works at the children's hospital in the provincial capital where the studies are being conducted, "because they can't experiment in Europe or the United States, they come to do it in third-world countries."

"Pichichero has served as consultant to the World Health Organization, and his research has held considerable weight in the WHO decision to continue using thimerosal in vaccines administered in nations outside the United States."--- [Jan 2008] Babies excrete vaccine-mercury quicker than originally thought

Such marketing coincidences (Thimerosal in/Calomel out) seem to be events orchestrated by those who also stood to gain from the continuing the sub-acute mercury-poisoning of babies, which increases not only the short-term medical customer base in the affected children but also, because it causes many of them to develop life-long “chronic” diseases, increases the number of times these customers will need to be seen, treated, and, in most cases, prescribed medicines. Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation, Thimerosal, and autism-related research----Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D & P.G. King PhD

By the early 1980s, for instance, studies had shown that children who took aspirin when they had a viral infection such as chickenpox were at greater risk of developing Reye's syndrome..... Desperate to protect their market, aspirin makers claimed the science was flawed, called for more research (a constant refrain), and ran public-service announcements assuring parents, "We do know that no medication has been proven to cause Reye's." The campaign delayed by years the requirement that aspirin carry a warning label about children and Reye's. In the interim, thousands of kids developed Reye's. Hundreds died. Review: Doubt is Their Product: How Industry's Assault on Science Threatens Your Health by David Michaels