[More data on how pharma takes from nature purely for the patent, and makes a hash of it, medicine wise, as you would expect.  That is one reason why they promote Atheism.  They avoid the herbs Herbalism uses for cancer as it would be too obvious, eg Red Clover Chaparral Bloodroot  Essiac  Bruess  Hoxsey and they aren't interested in curing cancer anyway.]

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Theft from Mother Nature

The design of prescription drugs is guided by knowledge obtained from plant –based predecessors, which are commonly sold as nutritional supplements.  Drug companies obfuscate this.  They like people to think drugs are the only option and that they intuitively invent them out of thin air.  

Mother Nature has traditionally been the guide for the design and synthesis of new drugs.  Check out these examples. Ritalin and many other stimulants are knock-offs of the active ingredients found in ma huang AKA ephedra.   Ma huang is a safe and effective stimulant that increases mental focus. 

Cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins are knock-offs of the natural ingredient found in red yeast rice.  Akin to the drugs, red yeast rice can dangerously lower cholesterol levels. 

Aspirin, the drug that your doctor tells you to take EVERYDAY, is a knock-off of the active ingredient found in white willow bark.  White willow bark is a safe and effective pain reliever. 

Baicalein, an anti-cancer drug used among those who suffer from leukemia, is a knock-off of the active ingredient found in the roots of Chinese skullcap (Scuterllaria baicalensis).  Chinese skullcap is a safe and effective natural cancer fighter that induces cell suicide (apoptosis) among leukemia-derived cancer cells. 

The tiny family of prescription pain killers used by doctors are knock offs of the natural ingredients found in opium (opium is far safer than current fast acting drug knock-offs).


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This is not medical advice.  Medical diagnosis and treatment is constrained by law to be the monopoly of state licensed practitioners.  Shane Ellison holds a Masters degree in organic chemistry and a Bachelors in biology and chemistry.  His experience in drug design and synthesis afforded him a wealth of knowledge in the areas of natural medicine and therapeutic nutrition.  He is not a doctor.  In fact, he has never even read Gray's Anatomy.

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