Asian Tsunami (Dec 26, 2004)
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Spymaster: "Much of the technology used in the tsunami was trialled by the New Zealand Army off Whangaparoa Peninsula during WWII. In those days it was destined for use against low-lying ground in Japan."  MICK P: "HAARP was used to create the main earthquake. The six minor earthquakes around Diego Garcia, the US military base in the upper-middle of the Indian Ocean were caused by NZ-styled bombs placed well before the Tsunami hit. Consequently, Diego Garcia suffered no damage, despite the base being 0.6 m (2 ft) above sea level. US ships were also given two-weeks notice to leave the Indian Ocean. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

It was caused by an earthquake, a shift under the Indian ocean. Now we know the technology is out there and many nations can induce earthquakes. In fact, there's been an effort for probably 30 to 40 years to control all natural processes since they would give you a tremendous advantage in war. The US tried to do some weather modification, for example, during the war in Viet Nam. They called it Project Sky Fury and they were trying to control lightning and monsoon rains. So the earthquake technology is out there. It's usable. Probably the US, Russia, Japan, China, maybe India so there's quite a few countries that would have this ability.
    The earthquake was not the usual, and there's even a dispute over where the center was located. Australia claims it was about 350 miles south of where the United States says it was, so there's not even agreement on the location of the epicenter. There was no preliminary warning that there would be an earthquake. Usually there are earth tremors that are picked up by the local earthquake centers. They can pick up these tremors and they know it's building up to an earthquake. But there wasn't any preliminary; there were no identified aftershocks. There were tremors after, but there was none large enough to be identified as an aftershock. The people, in fact, when they felt some of these tremors, they prepared for a second wave which never came.
    If you know anything about artificial earthquakes, such as we had with the nuclear weapons testing in Nevada, you know that the earthquake, say, is nine or eight on the Richter scale, if the aftershock is two orders of magnitude down, it's probably an artificial earthquake. If it goes from nine to eight, it's probably a natural earthquake because the artificial ones seem to give an artificial push to the plate because it doesn't come from a rhythmic pulsing of the earth, then the aftershock falls to a much lower level -- because it's artificial, I think, basically. So there was no aftershock and there was no preliminary.
    So we know earthquakes can be formed artificially. There's the dispute over where the center is. And of course there was a lot going on with communications. Diego Garcia was warned and the people weren't warned. Things like that happened. I also found out that a ship run by SAIC incorporated, which is a kind of governmental arm; 80 percent of their work from the government. They're not traded publicly. They're a company owned by the people who work in it. They were sounding for oil and gas under the Indian Ocean right near the epicenter at the time it occurred. So that was another joker put into the situation.
    The day after the large earthquake and tsunami, a galactic gamma ray hit the earth's atmosphere. It was the largest one ever recorded. It was quite extraordinary. Now it came after the earthquake, however these gamma rays are also connected with a gravity wave which comes ahead of the gamma ray, so if there was a large gravity wave along with this cosmic ray, it could have cause the earthquake. That is right now the favored scientific explanation, but nobody really has all the dots connected and can really lay out what happened. It certainly, clearly was abnormal and they're looking for what caused it. [2005] World-renowned epidemiologist Rosalie Bertell spoke May 2 and May 3, 2005 at the UN at the Depleted Uranium Workshop.