Mark Weber
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[Mark Weber, historian and author, is director of the Institute for Historical Review 1. ]


Criticism/expose of Mark Webber
[2009] Mark Weber must resign from the Institute for Historical Review
Rudolf's exposé on the Institute for Historical Review (IHR)
Ted O'Keefe's account of how IHR plotted with ADL,
Mark Weber, head of the Institute for Historical Review (Exposé)

Articles by Mark Webber
New Book Details Mass Killings and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans at the End of World War Two

[1995] Bergen-Belsen Camp: The suppressed story By Mark Weber

[1993] The Zionist Terror Network Background and Operation of the Jewish Defense League and other Criminal Zionist Groups

[1992] Pages From The Auschwitz Death Registry Volumes Long-Hidden Death Certificates Discredit Extermination Claims by Mark Weber

[Mark Weber] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 
[1989] My Role in the [Ernst] Zündel Trial

[1996] Debating the Undebatable: The Weber-Shermer Clash

[1993] Zionism and the Third Reich by Mark Weber

[1986] Buchenwald: Legend and Reality By Mark Weber Revisionists

[1991]  'Jewish Soap' By Mark Weber

[1994] Japanese Court Declines to Validate Gas Chamber Claims By Mark Weber

[1992] Treblinka  by Mark Weber and Andrew Allen

Thies Christophersen by Mark Weber

[1993] How an Influential Journalist Twists the Truth by Mark Weber

[1985] Lessons of the Mengele Affair by Mark Weber

[2007 REVIEW] After the Reich: The Brutal History of Allied Occupation by Giles MacDonogh

[Review] Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers

[Video] A "Holocaust" Debate--Mark Weber vs Michael Shermer