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 A "Holocaust" Debate--Mark Weber vs Michael Shermer

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[Google] A "Holocaust" Debate--Mark Weber vs Michael Shermer

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You’ll be amazed as Occidental College professor Michael Shermer and revisionist historian Mark Weber square off in an unforgettable clash of wits on the most hyped and politicized chapter of history. This is a terrific introduction to the most controversial issue of our age.

Shermer, just back from an inspection of the sites of the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Majdanek, Mauthausen and Dachau, cites a “convergence of evidence” in his effort to defend the Holocaust story. Weber, director of the Institute for Historical Review, provides a powerful summary of the revisionist critique of the Holocaust story, and gives a devastating response to Shermer’s arguments. Shermer, who is also editor-publisher of Skeptic magazine, makes one startling concession after another. He acknowledges that numerous Holocaust claims are now known to be untrue, and concedes that the “gas chamber” shown to tourists at Majdanek is a fraud.

This stunning two-hour clash dramatically gives the lie to the often-repeated claim that the Holocaust story is “undebatable.”