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Below is a report from Andrew Hennessey on his observation of the tape he listened to produced by David Icke, The Arizona Wilder Video:


The pineal gland or third eye in human terms is an alien piece of biochemistry in the human race - as any biochemistry text book will tell of its reptilian biochemistry - so it leads us to wonder whether or not the Aryan Race was a phase 2 hybrid created by the Shape Changing reptiles so that they could colonise this sector of the '3' dimensional cosmos.

Reptiles could do with a pineal gland - because they want its mystical powers, but it looks like they have been unable to integrate this organ into their own being - as it gives access to dimensions of incredible energy and spiritual purity that would be a bit off-putting to a species hell bent on slaughter. The Reptiles are trying to bring through the 'Old Ones' in fact as characterised by HP Lovecraft in 'the Dunwich Horror'.

They have a hypnotic gaze which fixes the victim - in a trance of terror - which promotes secretion of the pineal gland - at that point, they cannot hold human form any longer and shape shift in anticipation of supper. They have a pecking order at bloodfest ceremonies, and seem to need more and more blood these days as the planetary food supply is deteriorating in quality.

They have therefore capitalised on every Druidic and Magical date to try to get as much use out of the effect of the lunar cycle on female menstrual blood. See Star Fire

They call this aspect of the menstrual blood Starfire, and indeed, one of the people in the UK Arizona Wilder 'fingers' as a Shape Shifter called Lawrence Gardiner has written an article about 'Starfire and menstrual blood' in Nexus magazine.  He is also behind the 'Order of the Dragon' an attempt to assemble and register the pure bloodstock of the UK in London.

A list of other people Arizona Wilder says that she has seen shapeshift into Reptiles at these rituals;

USA: Bush and 2 sons, Albright, Kissinger, Reagan and nancy, J Rockefeller, Ford, Carter and LB Johnson. EUROPE: Queen Mum, Queen Liz II, Princess Margaret, Charles, Tony Blair, and prince Philip, Zacharia Sitchin, Lawrence Gardiner.

The big International and Interstellar leader she says is a chap called the Marquis de Libero - aka Pindar [phallus of the Dragon] who provides superior seed to impregnate the specially bred Aryan and Bloodline Children with - including - Princess Diana - who brought forth Prince William - Pindars son.

In the underground vaults of his castle in the Alsace Region of France, green glowing flourescent rocks turn stored menstrual blood black to be used at that special ritual - whilst in the great heat, clutches of Reptile Eggs incubate.

The Queen Mother is second to Pindar/Libero and she is carried on a rich ornate chair before she changes into something much bigger and stronger. At the ceremonies, volumous robes of red or purple richly decorated with gold, sewn jewels, and embroidered fleur de Lys are worn, not any human clothes for these would tear during the shift.

All the British House apparently have jewel encrusted goblets to drink the blood from the symbolic female 'grail' and a symbolic dagger to give it a bit of a stir. Arizona Wilder then went on to describe the appearance of the British Royal family when they have underwent the shape shift.

The Queen mum is 8 feet tall, with a snout, and fangs. All have a long tongue with hair-like protrusions - with claws for hands and feet. They have scales and these seem to disappear into one another, this, more pronounced on the back. Some have vestigial wings, all have a tail usually kept curled which is whipped about when agitated.

The Queen Mum has a beige belly and more darkly speckled and mottled brown from the head and spine. The body has protrusions running down the spine. The eyes are large and round, protruding, varying in clour from beige to yellow to yellow green - with a black vertical slit for a pupil - the eyes can be hooded. Charles apprently has two large protrusions just above where his human ears are.

The Queen [Liz II] is much darker, all over much more homogenous in marking, where the colours gradually and smoothly change to the head, tail and back.

Arizona Wilder says that the princess Diana death was a ritual public sacrifice to usher in the Age of Horus [Egyptian magical tradition - rebirth of the dead god Osiris]. Because the magicians like to mirror dates, the dark goddess Hecates number is 13, which was why the 31st august was chosen.

It was a mirror of a Isis, Osiris, Horus ritual because 3 people died and the unborn baby Diana was carrying was the very special 3 months old. Apparently Baron Rothschild had to be in the tunnel at the 13th pillar where the accident happened to take the soul of Diana - and indeed an ambulance did arrive on the scene a minute after the crash. The driver henri paul was Mind Controlled and trained for the crash. Bits of Diana were then eaten by the hierarchy. Arizona Wylder has said that some Spencers were there at these Rituals, but that Diana would not attend - and that symptoms of Bolemia and Anorexia were mind control techniques used on her.

Wylder also said that the smell of Dianas periods would have caused Charles to shape shift - especially whilst sleeping because the Reptiles cannot retain their human form without concentration.

Arizona Wilder came across as sincere with this disturbing account and spoke of the hideous abuse to which herself and her children had been subject. I can only reiterate that I hope to God the obscenities mentioned here are not true.

Andrew Hennessey
Transformation Studies Group
Edinburgh Scotland
The Shape Shifting Pope
This is from Ancientmysteriesms, one of BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio Groups

Many of you older members may remember when I wrote a post, telling
you that I felt that the Pope was reptilian, based on what I saw
during a televised broadcast of him meeting with his cardinals.
He was hunched over, extending his hand out for the cardinals to
kiss , looking very frail. As one of the cardinals passed, he
glanced over to him and briefly watched him walk away. Well the
camera caught him just right and I seen his eyes which 'blew me
away'...His eyes were not human, they had briefly switched
to 'draconian'.
This always bothered me, because NO ONE else seemed to notice.
Well guess what...I found something.
Someone else noticed him and his draconia appearance in a prior
time and again it was presented through the television via camera.
Mary Sutherland

Below is his story:/


Hello David, (David Icke)

I'm writing in response to the posted article on your website
concerning the Shapeshifting Pope. I too, saw Pope John Paul II face
contort on television back sometime in April of 2000.

It was during one of the Church ceremonies where he was drooling
heavy while speaking to the masses. I noticed a sudden change in his
face that looked like he was either really constipated or about to
have a stroke or heart attack. It seemed as though his face
contorted at first then vibrated very fast and switched back all
within 2 or 3 seconds.

I want to thank you for your book: The Biggest Secret. I only wish I
could've read something like that 20 years ago when I was a 10 year
old kid. I eat this stuff for breakfast. It was a real eye opener.

Ever since I could remember my earliest memories of life, I've
always felt like there was something not quite right with the
established way of life that 99% of we humans are so accustomed to.
Thanks again.
Rob--Chicago 6-12-2000

Here is another person that seen what I saw with the Pope:
Again I found it on the David Icke Site:

One of the main reasons I am corresponding is all to do with chapter
two, 'Don't mention The Reptiles'. It may come as shock to you, but
due to an inexplicable experience I had some years ago, I found
chapter two to be the least incredulous.

Whilst watching Pope John Paul11 on the tele doing one of his
rounds, his facial features appeared to metamorphose into some
hideous creature...reptilian, no less. All this happened within
tenths of a second before returning to human again. You are the very
first person I've had the courage to tell. Your book, I suppose,
gave me the confidence to do so. It's not the kind of thing you can
chat to the missus about is it? Nor anyone else
yourself of course.