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I believe that amfAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research) played a significant role in stamping out dissent about HIV. And there was dissent right after Robert Gallo went on national TV in the spring of 1984 and told the world he had found the cause of AIDS. But the work of fund-raising machines like AMFAR would have been dealt a serious blow if Gallo had been denounced as a fraud or an over-eager researcher without real portfolio. Those fund-raising organizations needed a germ they could focus on, a standard they could use to rally the troops. "Now we have the cause. Now we need to know how the germ attacks the body, and we need drugs to treat the germ. Help us. Dig deep?"   Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, a NYC researcher who also treated AIDS patients, was the editor of a journal called AIDS Research around the time Gallo made his startling announcement to the world, the announcement that effectively ended all mainstream inquiry into what AIDS was and what caused it. Sonnabend clung to his editorial policy of permitting dissenting views in his journal. For that he was suddenly fired. Had someone at amfAR asked for his firing? It is a question that could be explored.  [2003] Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport