Autism Science Foundation
Charity Racket

 Board of Directors: Paul Offit  Allison Singer

[2017 July] HBO’S JOHN OLIVER EXPOSED   Oliver went on to call for the end of investigation into the dangers of vaccines by evidencing a taped recording of Autism Science Foundation's Allison Singer claiming we have done enough studies already. What Oliver’s editors didn’t disclose is that Singer also serves on the CDC’s advisory board and currently shares a board of directors position at her foundation with known Big Pharma stooge Paul Offit

''I love picking on the Autism Science Foundation because I believe history will show them to be one of the primary enablers of the autism epidemic with their unqualified support for all this distracting research. Founded by a former Autism Speaks employee and with Dr. Paul Offit on their board, the ASF been ardent supporters of the “Scream, Yell, and Repeat” strategy detailed above, and Dr. Paul Offit appears to be the architect of the manufactured doubt that has served to ice legitimate vaccine-autism research from being done. On the ASF website, the organization cites 36 studies as the overwhelming body of evidence that proves vaccines do not cause autism. As the ASF asserts: “The results of studies are very clear; the data show no relationship between vaccines and autism.”....When the Autism Science Foundation says, “it’s been asked and answered, vaccine don’t cause autism,” they are misrepresenting the studies they cite, which is just a nice way to say they are lying.  -- An Angry Father’s Guide to Vaccine-Autism Science (understanding “distracting research”) By J.B. HANDLEY SEP. 30, 2015

Allison Singer