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"Most physicians are wrong in their understanding of most diseases, most of the time."----Cantwell's law

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Four Women Against Cancer ISBN 0917211332 Aries Rising Press
AIDS and the Doctors of Death
ISBN 0917211251 Aries Rising
Queer Blood ISBN 091721126 x Aries Rising
AIDS: The Mystery & the Solution Aries Rising
The Cancer Microbe: The Hidden Killer in Cancer, AIDS, and Other Immune Diseases, ISBN 0917211014 Aries Rising
Bacteria: The Ultimate Cause of Cancer? New Dawn 2003
Dr. Wilhelm Reich: Scientific Genius or Medical Madman? New Dawn

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Microbiologist Eleanor Alexander-Jackson, Ph.D., Alan Cantwell, and cytologist                        With Virginia Livingston. San Diego, March 1981
Irene Corey Diller, Ph.D., at an International Symposium on the Diagnosis and
Treatment of Cancer and
Allied Diseases, sponsored by the Livingston-Wheeler
Foundation, San Diego, CA, June 1980.



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Dr Alan Cantwell -The Cancer Microbe-AIDS & Kaposi's Sarcoma