The Firmament (Flat Earth)
Flat Earth

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[vid] 2016 - "FLAT EARTH" - FIRMAMENT (DOME) FOUND!!!!?    Published on 19 Feb 2016 Photographic Evidence found in 2016? Is this actual "PROOF" - that we may be living in a literal BIBLICAL (KJV) enclosed world model - complete with an actual solid FIRMAMENT - or VAULTED DOME - surrounding us?  OTOH, as for the photo - there's a chance it could be some kind of 1920's textured paper that it's printed on. I've zoomed in on the photo & also played around - adjusting various levels to manipulate the image - and I don't see any other areas of the picture that looks like it's been printed on textured paper. Some have commented that it looks "doctored" - or that it looks like a piece of artwork (rather than a photograph). We'll just have to wait for someone to go to the museum and see it in person - to determine if this is a genuine unaltered photo, "doctored" image, artwork, water damage, etc.  All credit (and special thanks) to Scott Patrick Donnelly I - for finding this picture (allegedly taken by George Rayner) - in the Antarctic - circa 1920's.