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''So a dangerous vaccine (MMR Urabe), a knowingly dangerous vaccine was introduced and ultimately proven to be dangerous and had to be withdrawn (6:00) in 1992.''  ~  Dr Andrew Wakefield

[2017 July] HBOíS JOHN OLIVER EXPOSED   ''In the absence of debate and truth, US media has wielded only a few insulting, simple-minded and untrue pharmaceutical industry talking points when it comes to vaccines. One needs to look no further than Oliverís recent 30-minute piece to hear them all. If anything, Oliver now has the record for the most polished and arrogant delivery for all of Big Pharmaís easily and long since debunked talking points.''....Oliver went on to call for the end of investigation into the dangers of vaccines by evidencing a taped recording of Autism Science Foundation Allison Singer claiming we have done enough studies already. What Oliverís editors didnít disclose is that Singer also serves on the CDCís advisory board and currently shares a board of directors position at her foundation with known Big Pharma stooge Paul Offit. 

[2017 July] John Oliver on vaccines: 'One of humanity's most incredible accomplishments'

[2017 July] John Oliver on vaccines: 'One of humanity's most incredible accomplishments'   MMR Urabe  1979 Wyeth Memo on DPT  Medical lies 
Dr Andrew Wakefield

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