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 Morgan, Piers

Sandy Hook  Dr. Oz Interview of Sandy Hook Elementary student. The host discloses that the kids told him beforehand what they wanted him to ask, in order to avoid traumatic questioning and I would surmise would permit the kids to be thoroughly prepared and confident of their answer. Sounds as if he tells him they were having a DRILL. You be the judge. http://usahitman.com/doshkhd/

[2013 Jan] Piers Morgan receives flu vaccine injection from Dr. Oz, then gets sick

If Dr. Oz Spreads out the Vaccine Schedule for His Kids, Why Can't We?  Dr. Oz told CNN's Joy Behar that spacing out vaccines is permissible and perhaps advisable, by stating that he and his wife do just that for their children. We commend him for sharing that his own children received neither H1N1 nor seasonal flu vaccines, although as a wife, I'm not sure he needed to place the onus of that decision on his wife. As the physician in the family, I assume he has some say in the children's medical care. That said, it's not easy to discuss your children on national TV. He makes some interesting points. We hope he'll continue the conversation in the future.

[2012 Dec] Dr. Oz viciously attacks organic foods and farmers markets, pushes feedlot beef, urges clueless consumers to eat more pesticides and GMO (opinion)   In his TIME Magazine editorial piece, Dr. Oz declares organic foods to be "elitist" and appropriate only for "the 1%." This clever bit of propaganda is designed to try to align conventional foods (i.e. pesticide ridden GMO foods) with the "99%" by making them sound more populist